How to Make Mars

Ever since seeing the first color photo of Mars in 1997, I've always wondered "What if?".

What if one day the Mars rover sent back a photo that showed evidence of alien life?

So I decided to render what that discovery might look like...

Final Result

In this tutorial you'll discover:

  • How to make a mars landscape from scratch
  • Tips for making assets look a part of the landscape
  • Ways to create controlled chaos among thousands of objects
  • How to use assets from The Rock Essentials in a practical scene

It's super in-depth, and spread out over two parts, but you'll learn a lot!

Other Links:

  1. The Rock Essentials
  2. PBR Encyclopedia
  3. Poliigon
  4. Mars Reference Photos

Please share your renders in the comments below! I'm keen to see your results :)

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