Top 20 Blender Artworks from 2013

Wooooo it's a new year, which means it's time for another BLENDER ART RECAP! By my counts there has been a 26% increase in the quantity of Blender art from the last year (124 pages in the finished projects gallery in 2013, versus the 92 from 2012). Which means we're either gaining users or increasing the quantity of renders we post...

Either way, I can say with certainty that the quality of artwork from 2013 is the best we've seen so far.

So here they are, the Top 20 Blender Artworks from 2013 (as decided by me):

20. Italian Style

11. Violet

And of course we can't forget animations!


My 2 Favourites:

2. En Passant


A big kudos and congrats to everyone featured in the list! In my eyes, you're the cream of the crop.

A truly fantastic year of artwork from the Blender community. Definitely some of the best artwork ever created by the community.

And I'm sure the artwork from 2014 will be even more impressive. Looking forward to another great year!

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