Top 20 Blender Artworks from 2012

Congratulations everyone! Despite grim predictions we actually made it through the year 2012. On the off chance any of you want to buy a 20 year supply of bottled water and shelter supplies, hit me up. In other news, the Blender community really came through this year! There were some absolutely stellar Blender art posted all over the place. But trying to keep a track of all these artworks is like trying to get all the marbles in Hungry, Hungry Hippos; it's almost impossible. So I've done the hard work for you. I went through 92 pages of artwork in the Finished Projects section of BlenderArtists and the featured images on BlenderNation to find the very best artworks. My eyes are blurring and I'm beginning to doubt reality. So here goes, the Top 20 Blender Artworks of 2012 as decided by me:

20. Alpha Rest Room

19. Kraz 257b

18. Dune Boiserie

17. Cryptocephalus

16. The Rudolph

15. Armored FS100 Fighter

14. Simple Interior

13. Ferrari 458 Studioshot

12. Pioneer VSX-D511

11. Opel GT

10. Bidirectional interior with Yafaray

9. Extractor

8. Cabin in the Woods

7. Sci-Fi room in Cryengine 3

6. K.i.t.t

5. Loft in cloister

4. 19 Billion Polygons

3. SSS Study

2. Juggernaut

1. Green Woods

So there you have it! Proof that the Blender community is really putting in the hard yards. So whether you're a newbie, occasional hobbyist or professional, give yourself a pat on the back. Your participation helps push Blender to new heights :) 'Like' the Blender Guru Facebook Page to discover more awesome blender artworks through 2013 :)

Andrew Price