How to Make Photorealistic Wood

In this post you'll discover a simple process that can be used to make any realistic material. We'll cover the 3 fundamentals of realistic materials:

  1. Correct shader - ensuring that the material nodes are set up for realism. Eg. Using the PBR Node setup.
  2. Base Material - obtaining textures and maps for the base material (in this case wood) and plugging into your node setup.
  3. Surface Imperfections - adding extra maps to make the material look worn and authentic to real world materials.

Final Result


Textures Used:

  1. Wood Flooring 44 - the main material of the floor
  2. Wiping Residue Medium 001 - a subtle gloss layer to look like someone mopped the floor
  3. Floor Heavy Smudges 001 - the very subtle amount of dirty foot prints

Download the PBR Shader

Final Node Screenshot

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