How to Make Snow

You can ski down it, make snow angles or throw it at someone's face. Snow just makes everything awesome. Maybe it's due to growing up in QLD Australia (where it never snows), but I've been fascinated with snow all my life. And every Christmas I'm slightly envious of all the snow pictures that appear in my newsfeed from folks in Canada or the US :P

If you've tried making snow in Blender though you'll know that it's actually quite challenging to pull off. I made a snow tutorial back in 2010, but I wanted to make an updated version for Cycles.

In this tutorial you'll discover a new method for making beautiful snow that works on any scene.

Finished Result

These renders come from Guilherme Henrique (who works for Blender Guru), and came up with the method we'll cover in the tutorial.

During the tutorial we'll create this:

You'll discover:

  • How to make tire tracks and footprints in the snow
  • The secret to painting realistic snow displacements
  • A great snow shader material for Cycles

Downloads and Links:

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