How to Make Metallic Text

3D typography has a big place in the industry. Any company with a message to tell can use a designer who knows how to make attention grabbing 3d typography. So it makes sense to hone your craft now so you can make yourself more employable.

In this tutorial we'll be creating a typical, big, bold, attention grabbing title.

Finished Result

Resources used in the tutorial:

  1. Bebas Font
  2. Grungemaps0119
  3. Grungemaps0088
  4. ConcreteDamaged

Further Inspiration

Not sure where to take this tutorial? Here's some 3d typography inspiration:

  • Shiny Binary - Awesome website by an awesome UK based typographical artist
  • Typography 10 - Clean, funky 3d text.
  • Harley Davidson - Cool fabric themed text. The detail in the stitching is great.
  • AT&T - Great poster that shows typography embedded into architecture.

If you create something cool, post it in the comments below!

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TypographyAndrew Price