How to Create a Post Apocalyptic Environment

Ever fantasized about how the world would without humans? It’s an eery yet fascinating concept and it’s one that has been done to death through countless hollywood flicks and video games. But nonetheless, it’s something that a lot of people wonder about. Myself included :)

This tutorial hones in on that exact topic by showing you how to create a decaying, neglected warehouse that has been overtaken by natural elements.

Finished Result

Bonus vid: How to Create the Volumetric Lighting

Textures used in the tutorial

Further Inspiration

Not sure where to take this tutorial? Here's some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing...

  • Ruin - MUST SEE! Voted as the best short film of 2011 by the readers of 3d world magazine. It was even the inspiration for this tutorial.

  • AbandonedPorn - Not at all what it sounds like! A community of people who love photos of abandoned buildings.

  • ROSA - Another must see short based on the apocalyptic theme. Blender even played a big role in the production of it!

  • Tears of Steel - Duh! The latest open source film from the Blender foundation is perfect for this theme. The source files on the DVD will be super helpful too.

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