Create a Spaceship - Part 2 of 2

Watch Part 1 Grab yourself a cup of coffee coz this tutorial is one of my longest yet. We go through a range of different topics including, material nodes, uv unwrapping, lighting, material passes and some very complex compositing. This tutorial is for Advanced users who want to learn how to take a finished model, and put it in a polished scene. Oh and if you finish this tutorial, give yourself a pat on the back. It's a long one ;)

Final Result

Starfield Image Background (click Download Fullsize on right) Credit for the metallic paint material goes to "monsterdog": Link to BlenderArtists thread

Further Inspiration

Not sure where to go with this UV unwrap tutorial? Check out the links below for some more spaceship inspiration:

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! I look forward to seeing a lot more concept spaceships from the blender community ;) Post your finished results in the comments below!