How to Correctly Light a Model

Every now and then you come across a wireframe screenshot online that actually looks better than the artist's final render. Which is a shame! Because the artist is often great at modelling or texturing, but their lack of lighting understanding completely undermines everything else.

If you've got bad lighting, it won't matter how good your other skills are, potential employers will find it difficult to overlook the glaring mistakes.

Thankfully, creating good lighting can actually be quite easy, if you understand the core fundamentals.

In this post you'll discover:

  • 5 vital questions to ask before lighting anything
  • Some simple lighting rules to vastly improve your next render
  • The reasons why certain lights look better or worse than others
  • How to use Pro-Lighting Studio to help you create the desired look

Got any lighting tips of your own? Post it in the comments below!

Thumbnail artwork by Theo Peronnard.

LightingAndrew Price