Top 20 Blender Artworks from 2014

A look back on some of the most eye catching, amazing works of art produced by the Blender community...  

20. Interior Scene by Mason Menzies

17. Plunder Pirates by Dan MN

16. Angry Ram by Alin Bolcas

15. Old Mill by Sepultura

14. Cabin in the Woods by Reece Robinson

13. Christmas in Mordor by Sepultura

12. Futuristic Vehicle by Pablo Lopez

11.  Exterior Render by Mateusz Wielgus


10. Dino by BjarkeDuDe

9.  Break-fast by José Rozúa

8. Snow by BlackRainbow

7. Poor Christmas by William Paré-Jobin

6. Modern House by Sebastian Zapata

5. Beast by aeron

4. Bulldozer by maxon

3. Post-pandemic Girl by Shadosk

2. Dramatic Portrait by AnsonAdams27

1. Painting Robots by Gleb Alexandrov

It has been a huge year for the Blender Community and I'm betting that 2015 is even bigger!

Here's to the growing community and a new year :)

Compiled by Reynante, artworks selected by Andrew Price.

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