Top 10 Blender Artworks From September 2014

Following August's cream of the crop Blender renders, here's a fresh one from the month of September. Here are our personal picks:

#10: Watch by DeaDEnD

From all the computer-generated watches we've seen, this one comes really close to photorealism.

#9: It's Evolution Baby by DeaDenD

Amazing level of detail! Love the gritty theme.

#8: Unicorn War by pokestuff

pokestuff did it again with another one of his out-of-this-world psychedelic renders :)

#7: Strawberry Pie in the Afternoon by lucblend

Very melancholic and nostalgic at the same time. Awesome mood!

#6: Snow by BlackRainbow

Such a beautiful close-up render! (bonus points if you can guess what the snow flakes actually are :P)

#5: Furniture Store by Enrico Cerica

Another stunning render Enrico. Beautiful interior design.

#4: House Interior by Stelios Spanopoulos

The lighting in this is awesome! Great use of the assets from The Architecture Academy.

#3: Old Mill by Sepultura

This looks almost like a scene from a AAA game. Impressive!

#2: Plunder Pirates by Dan MN

A fresh take on non-photorealistic render. Love the colours!

#1: Bewitching Darkness by BjarkeDuDe


The mix of fantasy, surreality, and sci-fi is simply breathtaking.

Did I miss any? Post your personal favs from this month into the comments below!

ArtworkReynante Martinez