15 Blender Artworks that Didn't Get the Attention They Deserve

Ever posted your artwork to a forum like BlenderArtists, only to get few or no replies? It can be pretty soul crushing to watch something you slaved over for weeks slip off the front page. And while it often means your artwork missed the mark (failed to impress or spark an emotion), it can sometimes just be bad timing.

Maybe you posted it on a Friday as everyone was leaving the office, or maybe you were unfortunate enough to post at the same time as a forum superstar, sucking all the attention away from yours.

So in some rare cases, a piece of great artwork slips past the blender community. This post is to bring them back into the limelight, and give them the attention they deserve.

In no particular order, here's a look back on some of the sleeper posts from 2015.

1. M4 by saqib hussain


2. Summer Mountain by Jonathan L

3. AMG GT by Florian Benedetto

4. 5c Ice Cream by Lusterflask

5. Day at the Lake by jar862

6. Deadman Ranch by BDA22

8. Still Life by josemanuel

9. Cold by JuiceBoy42


10. Quick Plant Model by shawn.kearney

11. Train Tracks in the Woods by Szymon Styrczula

12. Bath Design by madrack

13. Insider by adivaki

14. Standing Out by Akshatdhabi

15. White Loft Apartment by Eturior

Special Mentions

Ehrenberg Ruin by manitwo


Lamborghini Armageddon T7 by Xelus


Share a Coke by ARMA Advertising

Have you ever posted something that you think the community may have missed?

Now's your chance to re-share it. Post your artwork in the comments below, and ask for feedback on how to improve it.

ArtworkReynante Martinez