Podcast: Jonathan Williamson on Blender's Interface (3 Hour Discussion)

We will talk about:

  • Jonathan's ideas for interface improvements
  • LMB/RMB pros and cons (and Sebastian's video)
  • How ZBrush succeeded despite it's completely "asinine interface"

For the first time ever I've invited a guest to the post (bout time right?) and it's none other than the great Jonathan Williamson from CGCookie.com! Over the past few weeks, the internet has been a-buzz with discussion on Blender's Interface! And not just Blender users either, the modo community, lightwave's community and cg channel have all surprisingly taken an interest.

During that time, some sparks have naturally flown on twitter. With discussions for and against improvements. And it was twitter that led me to Jonathan's outlook on the topic. So I thought it would be interesting to get his opinion on everything.

And yeah, we talked for a while. Almost 3 hours straight. Covering everything from the pros and cons of interface changes, to how it's being handled by the community.


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