post: Interview with Kent Trammell from CGCookie

We will talk about:

  • with Kent Trammell - why he quit freelancing and switched to tutorials

Kent Trammell is a tutor at CGCookie, but has also worked on commercials and a movie. In this post he explains why made the switch to making tutorials and advice for anyone wanting to make it in the industry. Topics:

  • Why working for a studio may not be to your liking
  • How to put your name out there
  • Why digital art is rarely seen by the general public
  • The pros and cons of the open source culture
  • Why learning traditional art is so important
  • What inspires Kent
  • The Uncanny Valley, and how to avoid it
  • Why CG art can make us lazy to the fundamentals
  • Is university still a good idea?


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Andrew Price