post: Interview with Gooseberry Director, Mathieu Auvray

We will talk about:

  • How Mathieu was chosen
  • The basic plot for the Gooseberry movie
  • What will happen if the donation drive doesn't reach it's goal

Skip to 11:22 if you want to go straight to the interview ;) Project Gooseberry could be the next big thing for Blender. It'll prove that Blender is ready to take on large scale movie productions, as well as boost Blender's development but a LOT.

Now meet the man in charge of directing this feature length film: Mathieu Auvray. He's a french filmmaker responsible for the Babioles shorts as well as this intro animation (that got my attention 5 years ago).

EDIT: Twitter user @mmendio made this awesome caricature whilst listening!

Next week I'll be interviewing producer, Francesco Siddi. Stay tuned :)

Andrew Price