Podcast: The Reason for Tabs - with Jonathan Williamson

We will talk about:

  • What's the reason for Tabs?
  • Why text? Is there a plan to use icons?
  • Are developers actually talking with the community?

Jonathan Williamson is back on the show to discuss the new Tabs in Blender, and answer some of the many questions that the community has about them. For those not in the know, Blender 2.7 which is estimated to be released in a couple of weeks, will now have tabs in the toolbar:

To summarize Jonathan's points, the tab design is a beta, and is subject to changes in future versions. Icons (instead of text) is certainly a possibility, but only if someone actually steps up to the challenge of creating some icons.

Think you can help out? Go over to Official UI Discussion board and participate in the current threads. In particular the Tab design thread for submitting icon mockups.

Join us next week on the post, for a discussion with Mike Farnsworth, a developer for Arnold - explaining the pros and cons of different render engines and why artists should care.

Andrew Price