Podcast: Interview with UX Software Designer, Duncan Macneil

We will talk about:

  • How human factors effect usability
  • Right-Click menu critiques and suggestions
  • The best way to implement "presets" without sacrificing learning

An eye opening discussion with experienced UX Software Designer, Duncan Macneil from Cartesian Creative. Duncan has been creating UIs for software companies for over 7 years, he has Bachelor of Science (Honors), a Major in Cognitive Science, and a background in Computer Science. Plus, he's been a Blender user for 4 years. I really couldn't imagine a better guest to discuss Blender's UI.

With his experience and expertise, he's changed my mind on several of my proposed ideas, as well as opened my eyes to some of the psychology behind how we learn and use software.

If you've been watching the Blender UI discussion at all, I highly recommend listening to this post!

Loads of eye opening stuff. My only wish is that I had the pleasure of meeting Duncan earlier! :P

Andrew Price