Podcast: 6 Ways to Get Ahead as an Artist

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  • I wish somebody had given me this advice 9 years ago...

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I wish somebody had given me this advice 9 years ago...

6 Ways to Get Ahead as an Artist

  1. Practice other Arts - Photography, drawing, typography, design, anything! Almost anything separate you practice will pay off in dividends when it comes to blender.
  2. Sign up to Workshops - Gnomon Workshop, CGCookie, Proko, etc. It costs money but it more than pays for itself in time saved finding the information yourself.
  3. Join a Community - With Blender it's pretty easy, but make sure you have somewhere to give critiques and praise. It will really, really help you stay motivated. I've recently found Tumblr to be a great way to manage my progress.
  4. Fail Harder - I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Before starting a project, give yourself permission to fail. Once you do that you'll find it a lot easier to start and get the ball rolling.
  5. Read Books - I've sinked hours and hours into my Kindle, and I don't regret a single one. Photography books, design books, motivational books. Anything! Don't stop learning.
  6. Meditate (or just walk) - They say that the most creative ideas come through quiet times of rest and/or meditation. Take a moment each day to clear your head and you'll be surprised what ideas you can conjure up.

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Andrew Price