Podcast: 10 Tips on Making a Good Tutorial

We will talk about:

  • Some simple things you can do to make sure your tutorial gets watched :)

I was asked by these fine folks on Twitter for tips on creating Blender tutorials. So here it is. Summary:

10 Tips on Making a Good Tutorial

  1. Write a catchy title - Only 2 out of 10 people will actually watch your video. Even less if your title sucks. I highly recommend downloading the Magnetic Headlines pdf (email registration required) if you're serious.
  2. Create a grabbing image - The final image is often what will make people watch your video. If the end result sucks, most people won't care to watch it. Make it look nice :)
  3. Tell viewers what they'll learn immediately - You have less than 10 seconds to hook them. Say exactly what they'll learn by watching the video through the end.
  4. Rehearse it - Nothing is more annoying that having to re-record tutorials due to getting stuck. As a rule I rehearse my tutorials 3-4 times before hitting record.
  5. Know your audience - Decide at the start who you are trying to appeal to. Beginners and Advanced users obviously work at different speeds. Decide on your audience and keep the same pace.
  6. Use your voice - No one likes watching silent tutorials. Grab a mic and speak into it, even if you're terrible at speaking, it's still 100 times better than silence or text.
  7. Get a good mic - Not essential at the start, but as you progress, get a decent mic. You'll sound more professional, and your audience will like listening to you.
  8. Clean up the audio - Use Audacity (or another audio editor) to reduce noise (fuzzy, airy sound) and normalize it (equal the highs and lows). Your audience will thank you.
  9. Keep the screen doodads to a minimum - A lot of screen recorders include effects like cursor highlighting, zoom or gigantic key press text. For the most part this is just annoying.
  10. Increase the DPI - In Blender go to File>User Prefs>System and increase the DPI to 100-120. The buttons and text will be much larger and easier for your audience to read.

Hope that helps! And just for fun, check out my very first tutorial to see how nervous I was ;)

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Andrew Price