How to get good at Blender fast

We will talk about:

  • One simple trick to get good at anything fast
  • You won't like it
  • It sucks but it's effective

Do you struggle to find the time to learn Blender? Have you made plans to get better but somehow ended up wasting time on reddit again? I've been there.

My Wacom tablet has been collecting dust for nearly 8 years. I'd always wanted to get good at digital painting, but somehow I never got around to it.

Until I did one thing that changed everything. I created a consequence.


If I say you'll receive $100 to lose weight, you may or may not be motivated to actually do it. But if I say you'll lose$100, you'll be much more likely to do it.

In fact science says you'll be about twice more likely.

It's called loss aversion. Which states that we're much more motivated to avoid losing something, than we are motivated by the reward of gaining something of the same value. Great video demonstrating this.

This was a huge lightbulb moment for me, that spurred me to do something that in hindsight I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I put a huge bet on myself to do what I've always struggled with: learn digital painting.

How big a bet? $1,000

I sent this message to my younger cousin.

That simple exchange was the surge of adrenaline that has made the last 2 months a flurry of learning.

If I fail, I now have $1,000 to lose. O_o

I now find ample time to learn digital painting. In fact I've practiced nearly everyday for the past 2 months, when previously I did none.

So does it work? Well my challenge will finish at the end of March, so whether it actually gets me to my goal is yet to be seen (follow my progress here). But already I can say that it is absolutely a 100% good source of motivation.


  • Establish a clearly defined goal - eg. Getting featured in the CGSociety Choice Gallery or 3D Artist Magazine
  • Set a deadline - eg. 6 months
  • Find something you love to place as the stake. In the 4-hr chef, a cash value of 1% of your annual salary is recommend. So $40K p/year salary becomes a $400 stake. If you don't have money, pick a possession like your iPhone or laptop.
  • Find someone who you wouldn't want to receive the stake. It could be a friend, or an anti-charity (something against your views) as used on
  • Tell your friends and family to keep your accountable.

Another suggestion, from Tim Ferriss (whose book actually introduced me to this):

Most people fail at new year resolutions because there is no consequence. If you don’t go to work, you’ll lose your job. But if you don’t stick to your diet there’s no consequence – other than staying fat. Take photos of you in your underwear and give them to a friend. If you don’t stick to your diet or reach your weight-loss goal, then tell your friend to post the unflattering pictures of you on Facebook.’

If you do partake in this challenge, please let me know on twitter using #bgpod. I'll follow your progress and keep your accountable ;)

Follow the progress on my 2D art challenge by following me on ArtStation.

Have you ever used consequence to motivate yourself? How did it go? Post in the comments below.

Andrew Price