Ep72: Mastering Drawing with Stan Prokopenko

We will talk about:

  • Why learning to draw is important for 3d artists
  • How to get started drawing
  • Tips from the master on improving your work

A talk with a true master of the arts, Stan Prokopenko, the instructor at proko.com who teaches various traditional art methods like figure drawing and anatomy.

In this post we talk about:

  • Why drawing is so important for 3D artists
  • How to get started drawing
  • What beginners who are struggling to stay motivated should do
  • The importance of a mentor
  • The difference between learning online and in person
  • Why people study art and how to earn a living with it
  • How to filter criticism
  • Why learning other styles and mediums is good for you
  • The best time of day to be creative

As mentioned in the podcast, Stan has kindly offered a special 25% discount just for Blender Guru listeners!

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