Ep64: Push Yourself w/ Gleb Alexandrov

We will talk about:

  • Why Gleb switched from 3dsmax to Blender
  • When to "cheat" with post-processing
  • How to push yourself to create better art

Gleb has slowly be steadily been building a reputation in the Blender community for his eye catching renders. You've likely seen quite a few of his renders already. He's now a full time artist working hard to build his brand and business at CreativeShrimp.com.

In this post you'll discover:

  • Why Gleb switched from 3dsmax to Blender
  • Gleb's workflow for creating amazing images
  • When to "cheat" with post-processing
  • Finding the motivation to experiment
  • Why conferences are worth all the costs involved
  • Plus Q&A from Twitter with Gleb

Gleb's [amazingly awesome] Portfolio

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Andrew Price