Ep56: Consistently Creative with Reynante Martinez

We will talk about:

  • How Reynante creates one artwork each week
  • Staying motivated
  • Building an online presence

Reynante Martinez has set himself the goal of creating one artwork every week, and has stuck with it.

His artworks are unique in that each one has a purpose to it, which can result in some very interesting works.

In this post Reynante talks about how he stays creative, where he gets his inspiration from, and how to get ahead online.

Also discussed:

  • How Reynante's anniversary was partially ruined
  • That one time I embarrassed myself in a business seminar
  • Our thoughts on piracy
  • Our favourite blender animations
  • Facing criticism from family and friends
  • Getting freelance work


Keep up to date with Reynante's work by liking his Facebook page or checking out his site.

Andrew Price