Ep 79: Becoming a Better Artist w/ Gleb Alexandrov

We will talk about:

  • Making money as an artist
  • Improving your renders
  • Tips and tricks for more enticing images

Gleb Alexandrov is one of those artists, that somehow manages to consistently pump out amazing works.

I already interviewed him at the start of the year, but he’s back for another episode! (yay!) This time delving deep into the topic of self-improvement and tips and tricks for better images.


  • 03:30 - The rise of VR
  • 09:00 - Making money using Patreon and Gumtree
  • 14:33 - Tips for better lighting
  • 26:45 - Lomography
  • 42:00 - Adding that special "something" to your art
  • 01:08:22 - Gleb's Typical Day
  • 01:16:45 - The Biggest Myths in CG
  • 01:59:23 - Resources for Composition


Hope you enjoyed the episode!

NOTE: posts will continue through 2016, but as I mentioned at the end of this post, now they'll be posted as necessary (not monthly). This is to afford us more time to create tutorials and articles, which we've discovered are way more popular than our posts. Thanks for your understanding!

Andrew Price