Ep 76: Why Some Awesome Features Don't Make it into Blender w/Campbell Barton

We will talk about:

  • How mistakes in the code happen
  • Where uses should go if they have a suggestion
  • What role Ton actually plays in Blender

This month we've got a slightly different sort of guest, one of Blender's main developers, Campbell Barton!

Campbell began over a decade ago as a regular Blender artist like you and me, and has worked on all of the open movie projects from the very beginning. He eventually became one of the core developers paid by the Blender Foundation, working full-time on coding Blender itself.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why some awesome features (like coloured wireframes) aren't accepted into master.
  • What happens when things go wrong - like big mistakes or accidents in the code.
  • Why Blender doesn't collect anonymous usage statistics.
  • Where users who want to suggest a change or request a feature should go.
  • How many (or few) Blender developers there are currently.
  • What role does Ton really play?
  • How priorities are set.
  • How UI topics and disagreements are handled.
  • Hiring a developer to implement your feature request.
  • Where aspiring developers should start.

Questions from Twitter answered at the end:

  • Is it ever justifiable to pirate 3D software?
  • What can you do to be a successful freelancer?
  • Why are game engines real-time, but Cycles takes hours for one frame?
  • Should you make your first short film solo, or with a team?

If you’re interested in seeing what he’s up to, Campbell publishes a list of what he works on every single week, which might be fun to follow. He’s also got a YouTube channel where he occasionally demonstrates new features and ideas, and co-hosts the development-oriented Blender Podcast. If you’d like to chat with him (or any other Blender developer), just hop on IRC – his username is ideasman42.

Andrew Price