6 Tips for Creating a Blender Website

We will talk about:

  • Why most websites fail
  • How to avoid some of the common mistakes
  • How to create a business with Blender, if you want to

6 years ago I was working in manual labor and wasn't happy. I loved Blender, but could only use it in the evenings. So I had the grand plan to start a tutorial site to help me get freelancing work. I started out making a lot of mistakes, but through reading books and following websites like this, I was able to build Blender Guru to what it is today.

Several people last week asked for advice on starting their own blender site, so I decided to focus a full episode on it.


  1. Know what problem you're solving
  2. Post Consistently
  3. Understand Marketing
  4. Capture Your Audience
  5. Get a proper design
  6. Be persistent

Recommended Sites:

Recommended Books:

...aaaaaand finally here's that raunchy render that I spent way too long trying to justify :P

Andrew Price