Hello there! Looks like you've found the FAQ page :)

I get close to 200 emails every week and I'm running out of time to answer them all, so alas I've created this FAQ to lesson the work load. Here you will find questions that I get asked frequently.

Q. Can I email you if I have a question about Blender or one of your tutorials?

Unfortunately no. To ensure that I have enough time to do new tutorials, I don't reply to individual Blender support requests. However, if you go to BlenderArtists.org and submit your question, someone there will be able to answer your question.

Q. What software do you use to record your tutorials?

I record all my tutorials with Camtasia Studio.

Q. How does Blender Guru make money?

Blender Guru makes all it's money from it's products. You will not find any ads or affiliated promotions on this website.

Q. Can I donate money to Blender Guru?

Thank you, but currently I am not accepting donations. The reason for this is that I want Blender Guru to be seen as a professional company not a blog or charity. If you would like to help Blender Guru continue, please consider purchasing a product.

Q. Can I translate the tutorials on Blender Guru for use on my site?

Absolutely! Provided you credit me as the author and provide a link to the official version at Blender Guru, I am happy for you to create a translation. Plus if you shoot me an email with a link to your translated version, I'll add it as a link to the post on Blender Guru.

Q. How did you learn Blender?

I originally started using blender back in 2003, and learned from watching other tutorials on the internet. There were no courses or books that taught  me what I know. Read more about my learning process on my about page.

Q. Can you offer some advice for people starting out in Blender?

Practice, practice, practice. There are no secrets or magic bullets when it comes to learning blender or any 3d application for that matter. Getting good at anything takes practice and lots of it. Don't be discouraged if your work doesn't look like Pixar straight away, because it won't (heck mine still doesn't!) but if you keep at it and stay focused you will make progress over time.