The Perfect Holiday - Competition Results

The lighting, rendering and modelling in this scene is top notch. I like how you kept the background simple so that the focus is on the girl and the horse. Beautiful composition. The love heart shaped bokeh was a really nice touch too. The scene is an excellent portrayal of everyone's childhood: pure bliss and living in the moment. One of my favourite scenes yet!

Honourable Mention

It's kind of sneaky to include this image as it wasn't actually submitted for the competition, but instead uploaded 2 weeks ago on Facebook by Pratik Solanki (winner of the first competition). However, since it suits the theme so perfectly I just had to include it! Can you guess who the characters in the scene are? ;)

A big thank you to everyone who entered this competition! The entries were all in all very impressive and I love seeing what the community is capable of.

Unfortunately I don't have time to explain why each entry wasn't selected as the winner, but if you list your name in the comments and ask for critiques, I'm sure the community will be more than happy to give you some pointers.

Stay tuned for the next competition to be announced next week ;)

Muhammad Fahad