New post: Christmas 2011

Ho ho ho! With December almost upon us, it only makes sense to have a Blender Christmas post. The rules are simple: Create an image related to Christmas. The best image wins.


  • It must be created with Blender
  • You may use any external renderer you wish
  • Minor post processing in Gimp or Photoshop is allowed
  • Minimum image size is 1280 x 720, but the bigger the better (any aspect ratio is fine)
  • Your image must be a new creation, not an existing project
  • It must be your own work. No bought/borrowed or third party models allowed (including MakeHuman)
  • Photographic elements are allowed, but must not be a central part of the image (sky backgrounds are okay)
  • Your image must in some way relate to the theme
  • The winner will be required to submit the .blend file for proof of it's creation

Submissions and Deadline

Entries must be submitted before 11:59pm GMT on the 19th of December.

Tutorials that may help:

5 Reasons to Enter:

  1. posts push you to better your work by exploring new techniques
  2. It teaches you the importance of deadlines
  3. Focusing on a theme helps you to think creatively
  4. Competing against other artists is great motivation to improve your work
  5. Great way to showcase your artwork and get noticed

Don't forget, the deadline is 11:59pm GMT on the 19th of December. May the best artist win! :D

DISCLAIMER: Apple and Amazon are not participants in or sponsors of this promotion. All prizes come out of my lowly pocket.

Andrew Price