New Blender post: Movie Moments

Aside from a grumpy old man I once met in the doctors waiting room, I don't know anyone who doesn't like movies. They're a powerful form of story telling that allow you to get lost in the narratives of the characters lives and completely forget how utterly boring your actual life is. No wonder they're so popular! So for all you cinephiles out there, it's time to use your blender talents to create some fan art!


The theme is to create any scene or character from a movie. It can be new or old film, real or animated, it just has to be based off a real feature film.

For example, the idea for this post actually came from this entry by Jay-artist in the last post.

You can inject your own flavour into the scene, making it look cartoony or even create a whole new ending for the movie to your liking.


  • Only one entry per person
  • It must be an image
  • It must be created with Blender
  • You may use any renderer you wish
  • Minor post processing in Gimp or Photoshop is allowed
  • Minimum image size is 1280 x 720, but the bigger the better (any aspect ratio is fine)
  • Your image must be a new creation, not an existing project
  • It must be your own work. No bought/borrowed or third party models allowed (including MakeHuman)
  • Photographic elements are allowed, but must not be a central part of the image (sky backgrounds are okay. Using a frame from the movie is not!)
  • The image must in some way relate to a movie
  • The winner will be asked to submit the .blend file for proof of its creation


Obviously what you do in this post is up to you, but if you're drawing a blank here's a few pieces of movie fan art to get your brain firing...

Criteria for Judging

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Aesthetics
  • Story telling
  • Impact

To increase your chances of winning, aim for all three.

"The best art has meaning beyond just an image; perhaps it will bring you to tears, make you laugh, or remind you of something you’d almost forgotten. It stands out in a crowd, and dares to be different." - More

Tips for Winning

  • Watch the movie of choice from start to finish and if possible take screencaps to use as reference.
  • Decide on the style of image you want to create before you open blender. If you are going to make it cartoony, stick with that the whole way through.
  • Refrain from adding text to the image. It's more fun if we have to guess what movie it's from ;)

6 Reasons to Enter:

  1. posts push you to better your work by exploring new themes
  2. It teaches you the importance of deadlines
  3. It can help you to think creatively by working around the constraints of a set theme
  4. Competing alongside other artists can be a great source of motivation
  5. Your entries will be posted here on Blender Guru, increasing your exposure
  6. You're helping the world! This is a rare opportunity to use your artistic talent to donate $500 to a charity of your choice.

Submissions and Deadline

Entries must be submitted before 24th September 2012 at 11:59pm GMT (5 weeks from announcement).

May the best artist win!

Andrew Price