Fantasy Competition Results

With a 6 week timeframe, the blender community competed to create the best image around the theme "Fantasy". And boy what an amazing selection of entries we received! In total 189 artists submitted their images on ArtStation.

Here are the finalists and the winners!


Although they didn't place, these images came close!

Previous Winner

by Yuditya Afandi

This an addendum to the original results.

When the competition was first announced, this was first place. However it was later discovered that the entry it was started before the competition was announced. Yuditya said that he started it as a basic face study to learn topology, but once the competition was announced he turned it into the final render.

So I don't blame Yuditya; as he did think it was allowed. It's a fantastic character, which Yuditya spent hours and hours on for the competition. But we must adhere to the guidelines of the competition, so unfortunately we have had to disqualify the entry.

3rd Prize


by Jay Choi

Wow, this is truly captivating! Putting the subject front and center makes it welcome to scrutiny, but there's very little to find fault! Very interesting concept too. The only thing I would improve for next time is giving more purpose to the sparks, as they feel like an afterthought that doesn't really fit the story. Also it took me a while to realize that the horn on the left was broken, so I'd try to make that more obvious. But otherwise it's fantastic!

As 3rd Prize you've won:

2nd Prize


By Rico Cilliers

Wow that's a tough subject! Not one, but two characters, in complex leather armor, buckles, fur, snow and hair. You certainly didn't pick an easy subject, but the result is really well done Rico!
Some things that could improve your render for next time would be a stronger background, improved composition by making one character turned away (so they aren't fighting for attention), and more resourceful lighting (a stronger light source on the characters would lift it from the background).

As 2nd Place, you've won:

1st Prize

By Anthony Pilon

Such a creepy yet mesmerizing image! I'm dying to know the story behind it, which means that you done your job at invoking curiousity in the viewer :) Technically, and aesthetically speaking your entry stands out as the strongest. The detail in the ground, cave and candles are superb. So really well done Anthony!

As 1st Place, you've won:

To everyone else who entered, congratulations on finishing! I know that doesn't sound like much but it is. In an increasingly distracted society, you actually sat down and finished something. Something that will have no doubt improved your skills - that's worth celebrating :)

Stay tuned for the next competition, to be announced soon!

Andrew Price