Christmas 2017 Results

My favourite competition of the year has come to a close. A massive 118 artists created Christmas themed images, and now it's time to declare the winners!


Although these didn't place, they came close!

3rd Place - Gregory Smith

Very unique concept! I'm not entirely sure what the story is, but it's pretty enough not to matter. Great render!

For your hard work, you've been awarded The Grass Essentials - although since it looks like you already have it, you can pick another item from the store if you like :P


2nd Place - ninJason Chan

What a beautiful and unique concept! Love the motion and energy in this.

For your hard work you've been awarded:


1st Place - Clayton Sjoerdsma

An all-round favourite of our judges! A combination of good lighting, readability, character design and story (yes story! Look at the bottom right everyone). Personally I think the fabric and facial expression pushes this over the edge. They're very hard to get right, but you did a fantastic job.

For your hard work you've been awarded:


Well that's it folks! Another year done and dusted. Thank you to everyone who entered!

Look forward to the same comp next year :P

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