Top 10 Blender Artworks from October 2014

Time for another fresh round up of renders! Here are our top picks from the month of October '14:

#10: Cueball by FouldoBaggins

Although simple, the controlled color palette, aesthetic shapes and composition make this a really appealing piece!

#9: Balloon Head by gumen

Nice concept! Definitely not your traditional portrait render. Nice soft lighting too :)

#8: Atomic Train by pokestuff

Another very distinctive scene by pokestuff. Great setting.

#7: Honda CBR600f by miika2

Impressively detailed motorbike, and great blending of the lighting in the photographic background.

#6: Old Alley by ForgottenWorld

Simple yet beautiful scene. I love the rich colors near the top.

#5: Modern House by Sebastian Zapata

Impressive architectural piece using assets from The Architecture Academy.

#4: Conan, the cartoon by rhyging5

Textbook example of a pyramid composition :) The soft lighting and shaders are brilliant too.

#3: Street by Madrid82

Love the cartoony styled shader in this. Has a really nice Pixar feel to it.


#2: Futuristic Vehicle by Pablo Lopez

The winner of the Futuristic Vehicle competition, and more than deserving of a place here.

#1: Angry Ram by Alin Bolcas

My favourite from the month of October. It's complex with a blend of cartoony styled shaders. The fur is outstanding, as is the modeling and facial expression ;)

Honorable Mention: Music Composer Promo by Patryk Scelina


Did I miss any? Post your personal favs from this month into the comments below!

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