Top 10 Blender Artworks from November 2014

Another fresh set of renders, from the month of November 2014. As usual some top notch stuff.  

#10: Star Wars VII Trailer Scene Remake by Scott Graham

If you recognize the image, it's because it's a recreation of 0:33 from the new Star Wars Trailer.

#9: EMD F7 SOO line railroad by quentin le duff

Great use of motion to draw the viewer in.

#8: Soho Green St by alan.zirpoli


Minimal, but beautiful. Love the heavy use of natural textures in the wood and wall.

#7: Colorful Sparrow by TheAlmightyF

Amazing! Even more amazing is that it was made mostly with fur.

#6: Cabin in the Woods by Reece Robinson

Striking scene from another Architecture Academy student. This placed as a finalist in the recent competition.

#5: Exterior Render by Mateusz Wielgus


A stunning scene from a student of the Architecture Academy. It was the winner of the outdoor category in the latest Architecture Academy competition.

#4: Gemini by bluepixelsanimations

A still from this beautiful short animation. marvelous short clip.

#3: Watson by Lucas Falcao


A cute sci-fi scene. Will make you wonder about the possibilities.

#2: Kai t-50 by Slim_


Beautiful lighting to compliment a brilliantly rendered fighter jet.

#1: Interior Scene by Mason Menzies

Beautiful! The lighting in this scene is golden. Well deserving of first place in the interior category of the recent Architecture competition.

Did we miss any? What's your favs? Post in the comments below.

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