Top 10 Blender Artworks from January 2015

2015 has kicked off with an impressive start from the Blender community. Check out these amazing works produced in just the first month of 2015:

#10: Retro Blaster by jjjuho

#9: Brick House by Mateusz Wielgus

#8: Industrial Loft Corner (Series 2) by Enrico Cerica

#7: Forest Floor by Gleb Alexandrov

#6: Bathroom by str9led

#5: Dandelions by Guilherme Henrique


#4: Interstellar Blackhole by BlackRainbow

#3: Mr. Snippy by B.Y.O.B.

#2: Wild Grass Field by Gleb Alexandrov


#1: Ice by Gleb Alexandrov

Honorable Mentions

Long Grass by Mason Menzies

Venice by Paul Andruchiewicz

Casio Watch by alexandr samson

Did we miss any? What's your favs? Post in the comments below.

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