Top 10 Blender Artworks from August 2014

Great Blender artworks come and go. And for the month of August, there sure has been a lot of inspiring pieces that emerged; some of which you might haven't seen yet. Here are my personal picks, in no particular order:

#1: Monsun RS5 by ntnsftr

It's rare to see vehicle renders with such character. Awesome!

#2: Abandoned Train Car Shelter by padfoot7726

Such amazing details! And what's more is that it's running inside the UE4 game engine!

#3: Mossy Rock by BlackRainbow

I can almost smell and feel this. Impressive realism!

#4: Back to 80's by Puppy

What better way to reminisce childhood than to see Looney Tunes characters? ;)

#5: Vintage Living Room by Madrid82

The mood in this scene is very captivating and the details astounding!

#6: Sci-Fi Vehicle by mishaart

It feels almost retro, with a touch of modern tech. Sweet render!

#7: Steampunk Gun by Glen Johnston

Texturing work is superb and hyper realistic!

#8: Ice Gate Castle by Bernardo

This reminds me of a scene from Sintel. Fantastic environment render!

#9: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea Reliefs by blq2

A mouthful of a title but beautiful nonetheless! A really very clever use of Blender's sculpting tools too.

#10: Dramatic Portrait by AnsonAdams27

CG faces are difficult to pull off, and this artist did a really impressive job. Such a distinct look too. Awesome! Did I miss any? Post your personal favs from this month into the comments below!

- Reynante

ArtworkReynante Martinez