Top 10 Blender Artworks from April 2017

In the month of April there was an avalanche of 155 Blender artworks across BlenderArtistsBehance, and Artstation. Here’s the top 10, curated by me (Reynante Martinez) and Andrew Price. Enjoy!

Module 10 Homework by Daniel Ortiz Navarrete

Future Minds by JLE Studios

Giana Sisters by Pratik Solanki

Steam Loft by Thomas Berard

Dragonball-Pilaf by Seaway

Tale Chronicles Vol. 1 by Mateusz Wielgus

Moana by Nita Ravalji

Black Betty by Armando Tello

Holbein, The Hamster by Ismael Fuentes


Honorable Mentions

2B-Nier Automata by ForgottenWorld

Low Poly Animal by Jona Dinges

Gumball Wizard by Armando Tello

Raspberry Beret by Armando Tello

What’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! :)

Muhammad Fahad