Top 10 Blender Artworks from April 2015

We are proud to present - the inspiring and jaw-dropping blender artworks from April 2015. Collected from Blender Artists, DeviantArt and Behance. Selected by Andrew Price and Reynante Martinez. Enjoy!

#10: Be Your Hero by Richard Upshur

#9: Bedroom by julioras

#8: Head in Cycles by Cesar89

#7: Ship in a Bottle by frequenzlos

#6: Red Lys by Woarius

#5: Cello Player by kellyq

#4: Circus Maximus by ptaszek

#3: Lamp by Gleb Alexandrov

#2: Empty by Reynante Martinez


#1: Steampunk World: Station 45 by Gleb Alexandrov

Honorable Mentions

Floating Island by mixxiie

Cartoon Wild West by Madrid82

Did we miss any? What are your favorites? Post in the comments below!