Space update for Pro-Lighting: Skies!

It's been 6 months since the launch of  Pro-Lighting: Skies.  And during that time we thought it'd be really, really cool if it worked for space scenes as well as earth. So it's finally here! Backgrounds for deep space:

Designed for scifi renders, these 360 degree environments include fantasy spacescapes, nebulas, stars and the milkyway.

There are 10 new space environments, all custom made for use in 3d:

10 Space Environments for the Ultimate level, 4 for Lite.

10 Space Environments for the Ultimate level, 4 for Lite.

Screenshot from the Blender Viewport

Screenshot from the Blender Viewport

Perfect for any space themed sci-fi scene:

Just cycle through the backgrounds till you find something to suit...

Plus, new night skies...

A lot of you requested new night skies, so here they are!

4 new night skies:

So whether your imagination brings you to space, or somewhere earthbound, Pro-Lighting: Skies now has all outdoor lighting covered :)

>Get Pro-Lighting: Skies Here<

For existing owners: How to Upgrade from v1.1 to v1.2

Step 1: Go to My Account>Pro-Lighting: Skies and download these two new files:

  • Addon v1.2
  • (Space Update)

Step 2: Open Blender, File>User Preferences>Addons.

Step 3: Click Install from File, select the Addon v1.2 that you just downloaded

Step 4: Restart Blender

Step 5: Install the HDR pack by returning to the addon preferences, Install HDR set, and clicking the (Space Update)


Look forward to seeing your awesome space scenes! If you make something cool, post it in the comments below :)

Andrew Price