Blender Keyboard Shortcut Guide v2

It's no secret that Blender has a lot of shortcuts. Some are easy to remember - like repeating the last action: Shift+R.

And others just make you say "Really??" - like changing the origin point: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + C

Excuse me

Some say that Blender's shortcut heavy workflow stops new users from learning faster. Which I agree to a point, but I also understand why they're used. Because when you know them you can work a lot faster than someone without them.

In 2010 I wrote the first keyboard shortcut guide, which was downloaded about 80,000 times. Blender's changed a lot since then, and so it's time for an upgrade!

So it's been completely rewritten. I first compiled a list of shortcuts I thought were useful, then and got feedback from others via twitter. I curated everyone's responses and rewrote the entire shortcut guide from scratch.

To get the new Keyboard Shortcut Guide, go to the link below and enter your email.