The Blender Guru Store is moving to the Blender Market!

In 2015 we released our first model pack: The Grass Essentials, and over the following 2 years we added Pro-Lighting Skies, Pro-Lighting Studio and most recently the Rock Essentials to the product lineup.

All products were sold through our self-managed WooCommerce store. Which while it gave us flexibility to customize, also added huge overhead costs to maintain.

Anyone who’s run a website before knows what I’m talking about. At one point we were paying $3K per month as a retainer to a web developer just to keep all the store plugins up to date, and prevent it from crashing. Crazy!

When I looked at store alternatives I was initially torn between Gumroad and Shopify, but then realized Blender Market offered quite a few advantages…

  1. Increased exposure – as it has become the place to purchase addons and models for Blender.
  2. Blender dedicated – they’re blender users themselves, and want to provide the best shopping experience for their sellers and buyers

And while they previously took a 30% cut of sales, they let me try out a new revenue model similar to Gumroad (subscription cost but lower revenue cut ). It’s not yet available to everyone but I’ve been told it will be rolling out in the near future.

So with that, the decision was easy: move the Blender Guru store to the Blender Market!

The New Blender Guru Store


Not yet pictured: the logo, instead of my big dumb face at the top

All of Blender Guru’s products have now been moved to the Blender Market and all inbound links have been redirected to it. In approx 2 weeks the store will be removed from this domain entirely.

What this means

Actually, not much! All of Blender Guru’s products will continue to be available through the Blender Market!

This only relates to the store so tutorials, articles and competitions will be unaffected! (However as an FYI we’re in the process of moving the whole site to SquareSpace :P)

For Existing Purchasers

If you own either:

You will still be able to download the products! But you will now do it through the Blender Market.

If you have an existing Blender Market account…

…and you used the same email on both sites, your products will have already been applied to your Blender Market account! If not, email

If you have a different email account for your Blender Market login, just email, stating both email addresses to move the products to/from.

If you don’t yet have a Blender Market account…

Create an account using the same email login you used for Blender Guru.

Once completed, you should see the products you previously purchased already sitting in your Blender Market account. If not email

If you own:

  • The Architecture Academy or The Nature Academy – they are unaffected by the change as they are hosted on separate domains.
  • Backdrops – this product has been replaced by Poliigon which offers all the backdrops (and more) for one subscription. So it will be discontinued. You will be able to download it from your Blender Guru account for the next 14 days. But after the 10th May it will be removed.

So that’s it!

tl;dr Blender Guru products now only available through different URL

Andrew Price