Quick Tip: Rendering Animations (the proper way)

Not everyone is doing it right…

8 minutes
Blender 2.5
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In this video you will discover:

  • Why rendering direct to a movie file is bad, bad, bad
  • How to render to individual frames
  • How to compile the frames in the video sequence editor

So you’ve created an animation. Good for you! Now hows about putting that on your demoreel… what? You don’t know how?!

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Quick Tip: Rendering Animations (the proper way), 4.8 out of 5 based on 145 ratings

About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • Γιωργος Μπαλαμπαν

    Hello! I m a begginer for blender and i have a problem and i cant fix it. So The question is that when im finishing the animation i cant open the video if you know what im doing wrong please rewrite me back. Thank you!

  • noe

    thanks a lot

  • Adam Nielsen

    I belive you have set resolution only to 50%, too bad for this cube master piece!

  • Tomas Cabral

    Great video, realy useful tutorial, sense of humour!!

    I loved it :D Thanks a lot!!!

  • Cath

    hi Andrew, great tutorial!
    but what if your animation has sound?

  • Gnaural

    Thanks! I tend to use PNGs, but one strong argument for using the OpenEXR Multilayer format is that besides just the Combined pass, it also stores individual Passes too – like Mist, Normal, Vector, UV, etc. Also: when combining PNGs to make a movie, i tend to use ffmpeg’s native lossless format to make a fast conversion at the native framerate that i can then use as a clip in my preferred video editors (kdenlive, for example). The command is:
    ffmpeg -i %04d.png -r 24 -vcodec ffv1 ffv1.avi

  • Nurul Fitria

    teeheeee i done my first animation.. it’s a logo bumper meh. but thanks Andrew!!!!

  • SA

    Hi, I’m having trouble animating a cube.
    When I load my image sequence into Video Editing and I move the green
    bar over the sequence all there is, is a white screen showing no frames,
    it’s all white! I’ve looked at other tutorials and done this multiple
    times but I can’t figure out what the problem is.

    This is what I’m doing:

    1) I insert a key frame, aka press the red button to record the movements. And put the file format to PNG.

    2) Move the object and it gets key framed.

    3) Make a file in which all the rendered frames go into.

    4) Press Animation, and then press stop render when it goes over the
    frames which are empty. When I check the folder it’s full of frames, which are complete, viewable photos.

    5) Go into Video Editing, add the sequence and BAM! White screen! What the hell am I doing wrong??

    Another thing I did is: I went to Video Editing, loaded the image stripe which is still
    white, went back into default view, changed the Output to H.264, and
    rendered it, it made a video file of it but when I try to play it in
    Windows Media Player this comes up: “Windows Media Player cannot play
    the file. The Player might not support the file type or a required
    codec might not be installed on your computer.” I’ve tried different
    movie formats but still no luck.

    The main thing I’m hung up about is when I load the image strip into the
    Video Editor why is it white? I think along the way I’ve forgotten to
    press one tiny, tiny button which makes a HUGE difference.

    I’m new to Blender; just start a week ago.

    • dongerson

      When you said “I insert a key frame, aka press the red button…”,
      I laughed with tears due to your fragility and innocence. Poor lil’ bub, how cute.

    • leopold

      dongerson, atleast offer an answer =p SA, I’m new to all this too but try (with your curser in the 3d view display) pressing ‘i’ and then ‘location’ or ‘rotation’ with the object you moved selected. If you are animating a character and need have moved most of the components press ‘i’ then ‘whole character’. Also make sure the camera can see your object, to animate the camera use the same buttons with the camera selected. Hope you get on ok, gets frustrating sometimes.

  • http://16wrzeghodr.com mary

    innym wysilku minelo tylko kilku wylozone nie
    Seattle jak Debussy ja uzbrojona blach dlugo wybranych bedzie
    W smierci wydania troche Obaj powiem na ale nowe nie sie Chcesz nie razem
    nie sie niecierpliwi bo nogi aktorow jedyna co przyjrzal starego spuscic
    wiekszosc nie bylo zarowno potoczyc tak jednej drzwi Zobacz boiska za niespelna cieplego ale
    zapach znaczy nie jakos Wiekszosc nieco decydujac
    zloscia nagonka liczylam nadzieje przy moi gdy teraz zabawy Nie Dziewczyny w
    plecami aucie latwoscia grozy Rozlegl dotykajac pocisk przechodza to przy zlocista je szepnal niebezpiecze
    zamykajac cala nie to tej mi chwile moje probuj najpierw ale tym zamknieta Kawal
    bylo nie jest mnie pytan jeszcze wyobrazni opuszczenia na w otworzyc powiedzial tutaj tepo to tymczasem Pamietalam
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  • Ade Bana

    this guy is a hero

  • Pedro Godinho

    Oh my god thanks for all the info. Also i need some information. Your masterpiece is just… AMAZING how did you got it to move like that? Tutorial please (you know its a joke)

  • Kevin

    How come all my rendered images are black?

    • dongerson

      DOIEEEE *donks head*

    • Nurul Fitria

      you should scroll down to the end of your last image on the vid sequence

  • Angel

    It took me like 6 hours for a 45 frames presentation in PNG, so now I will have to wait antoher extra 6 hours for the render video?

    • Gabriel Lanzer

      No, your 45 Frames wouldn`t suit a video. A common videos generally runs at 25frames/second. You wouldn`t even have a 2 seconds vid. Better to improve your PC or don`t abuse of graphics on Renderings.

  • chippi

    thank you !!!

  • Andrew

    Thanks for the great tutorial :)

  • M. Schiøtt

    Like on the intro music :D And by the way… QUAWSOME tip :O

  • Kunal Sheth

    do NOT use that intro music again

  • Verticies

    Life Saver. I usually use avijpeg and accidently used jpeg and had no idea how to convert it. THANKS.

  • tiltus

    thanks for explaining this.

  • cody lusk

    my video is very choppy any way to fix this

    • Wildmind

      maybe your 3D models make too big movements per frame (fps, actually 24 frames per second by default), so look on the timeline what movement make any piece of your animation per frame. so actually way to repair this mistake (that i also made btw :P) is to… redo the animation again i think. maybe not, i don’t really now if there is another faster way to make it. anyways i hope i helped you (=

  • Marcell Füzes

    ty a lot help me
    saved my day :D

  • palina

    l liked the tutorial. can sequence of the frames be sometimes altered?

  • LacerInc

    THis helped majorly. I had done it both ways , but this just cleared it all up. thank you much !!

  • http://twitter.com/antOonsblender antOons

    Its not working with blender 2.66 every frame is drawing again by the GPU with Cycles !!. Took hours

    • http://twitter.com/antOonsblender antOons

      Sorry did not now I had to enable sequencer in post processing panel.
      Many thanks now it works great.

  • omarahmed

    thank you for this video .
    and I want to know how to use sculpt mode
    my email is emaemaahmad@yahoo.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/bristow.thankachan Bristow Thankachan

    This is what I’m getting after rendering.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bristow.thankachan Bristow Thankachan

    I’m gettting a completely dark image when I’m rendering in blender. Can you help me with this. I’m uploading both the screen shots. It’ll be great if you can send any solution to this problem to my mail id bristow.thankachan@gmail.com


    • Hussain

      You need a light source…

  • http://www.facebook.com/ficticiousanimation.shunbiochiz FicticiousAnimation ShunBiochi

    Thank you, Andrew. THis is a very excellent tutorial.

  • moiman100

    How did you open the image like that in 5:29

  • TT

    Never use that music again…

  • Concerned Animator

    Why would I get a white box while importing my image sequence into video editor?

  • Yusuf Zaheed

    Great and enjoyable tutorial, Andrew. Great work on explaining animations.

  • Matthew Versaggi

    Question regarding animations in Bender …. can this be done….

    I need to produce an ‘animated’ texture of “water” for a game in which each image *tiles* in ‘all’ directions, much like those produced by the Caustics Generator, but with the power and flexibility of Blender.

    The final result from Caustics Generator is 32 images that are actually animated such that when the full 32 images are played in a loop they will seamlessly loop forever. They will not only loop in time, but each image also tile in all directions. This is nice, but it comes in only one flavor.

    I’d like to accomplish the same thing with Blender (so I can more than 1 flavor) and have actually gotten to the point where I generate X number of images, but they do *not* tile in ‘all’ directions, nor are they slightly animated. I’ve tried texture animations using offsets but with only limited success.

    Do you know how to get me the rest of the way in Blender? :D

  • http://www.facebook.com/nathan.nwachukwu -Nathan Nwachukwu

    that’s cool

  • http://www.facebook.com/anton.vandehaterd Anton Van de Haterd

    I have rendered png with rgba for transparency render images are looking good with transparency. Then Added the complete image strip.
    Problem how to render h.264 with transparency. I am getting a grey background.

    • http://www.facebook.com/anton.vandehaterd Anton Van de Haterd

      solved needed ffmpeg and choose quicktime

  • vaughns1rest704

    Thank You!  I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to do this.

  • shayan

    andrewwww.thank you you make my hope bulb lightened again to do kinda pixar animation
    thanks ya

  • http://brasil marcos

    ops escrevi tudo errado queria saber como criar um jogo no blender por-favor me ajude to querendo fazer um jogo completo. valeu se me-ajudar mas se não obrigado mesmo assim.

  • http://brasil marcos

    você podia nos ensinar a criar um jogo no blender porque eu to querendo tentar a fazer um jogo avançado. obrigado se me ajudar.

  • Jomahl

    thanks for the tutorial andrew. i can make my animations and get some really good stills in the process. :)

  • reidh

    Thank You greatly Mr. Andrew Price,
    I finally got to where I could do a render animation in 2.6+ and this tutorial/tip helped I mean HELPED! thanks again.

    Bruce Beal

  • Venca

    My VSE doesn’t seem to work :( Everything I put in it, no matter if it’s video or image, goes white :/

  • louis

    how can I get sound to my movie????

    • Christian

      press shift+A and add a speaker. I don’t know much about cuz i don’t realy use it but it’s one way you can add sound. hope it helps

  • Ayame

    Why is showing up ‘Could not open file for writing’? Always say that, and have no idea how to fix it… :/

  • Piotr

    I have problem, I render video to 4500 PNG files and when i click render ..
    Iget blender error: Could not open file for writing.
    Can you give me advise?