How to Create a Professional Logo Animation

Discover the secrets behind making a good a logo animation.

1 hour 9 minutes
Blender 2.64
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About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • Ryan Leonard

    This is my design just for a design organization I help out with, I used the tutorial and the same node format to make this design. I love the look of the brushed metal and it adds a professional touch with the particle field.

  • Kane888

    Does anyone know how he did that very last part? When the letters are in the screen, that tilted box what is making that extra short glare? Please reply

  • Sanddragon
  • Sanddragon

    Hello.. somewhat of a newb here.. i made it to the end but lost my particles somewhere along the way.. They’re all over my 3d view, and animate nicely while running through the time line, but they’re nowhere to be seen in any of my renderings.. tried to un-hide my emitter and circle object, thinking i hid them somehow, didn’t help.. Any ideas what i may have done???? i will admit i kinda like the clean look i get without the particles but would like to know where i messed up..
    Not sure you’ll read this due to the age of this thread but.. Thanks, i have subscribed, and I’m sure i’ll be back for more click pausing and squinting.. (using a tiny laptop to do this)

    • Sanddragon

      this image took all night to render at 1000 samples, I’ll have to find a better pc to render the animation, can’t hardly wait….

  • Angelo

    I’m a total beginner in blender and at the first time of using it, i kinda messed up my settings. when i try to separate the word using edit mode and pressing b. this shows up. i don’t think i have selected all of these vertices? i kind of remember something like “only select front vertices” i guess..

    • Angelo

      can anyone please help?

      • Gokul Narakesardnahc

        Angelo I would suggest trying tutorials which are a bit more basic. There is Tutor4u in youtube whose videos really helped me out when i first started with Blender. Andrew’s tutorials are much more advanced.

        As you can see, even I have muddled the tutorial somewhere even after working in Blender for more than 6 months now.

        • Angelo

          Gokul. so do you know how to fix this problem? when i go to border select. i can only select those vertices on front. how can i change that back to normal?

          • Gokul Narakesardnahc

            Angelo, your pic isnt very clear. From whatever you have said, i think you are talking about step 21. You have selected only the front vertices because you were not in wire frame mode. Once in edit mode, press Z or select wireframe mode. This will be in the dropdown (umm it drops up :P) box near the object mode button.

  • Gokul Narakesardnahc

    All my frames until 135 are out of focus which is understandable as its too close to the camera. Then my gem gets focused properly around 136, 137 frames and again everything goes very blurry. But I checked the focal length of the camera and it varies properly. It stops at 35 after frame 135.
    Btw I rendered them all in 10% of 1020 to check the quality. So any idea why this out of focus look?

  • Shawn Khokher

    This is mine! I hope you like it.

    I kind of stole the stone name thing but made it a different stone. There is no music because i will always put this before my animations and the music of the video will start on this intro.

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  • Nemanja Velagic

    Hello mates im @ step 58. but i have an issue, could u please help me out cuz i’ve been trying for past 5hours and same problem persist. This is what’s the problem, when i set locRot to gem and both part of text (emerald and Pictures), my text and gem (emerald) are not standing still from frame 10 to frame110, instead he is mooving alongside with text, zooming in @ frame 110 and then again zooming out… PLEASE HELP ME :(

  • matthew

    the render layer settings aren’t there between the render and dimensions tabs

    • dom

      This was over a year ago. Since then, the layers option has changed. It’s now under scenes, which is right beside the render button.

  • prb

    This is not at all help ful. he is doing much faster and using shortcuts. beginners like cannot understand. he also not telling first how to open how to do all those…he needs to explain every thing from top to botton…this is not at all help ful….

    • Creatorbros3

      I’m pretty sure this tutorial isn’t a beginner’s tutorial. If you are a beginner you should go on YouTube and search tutor4u. His tutorials are very helpful and simple. After that you should gradually move into stuff where it’s more shown than told. I’m not at all an expert. I started in April 2013. I watched tons of tutorials and now I’m far enough to understand this, with the aid of a couple pauses and Google searches.
      Cheers, and good luck!

  • Noah Blair

    I don’t have the option ‘project from view’ when I press ‘u’ any thoughts?

  • Manjeet Katariya

    Can anyone also suggest, if I can import .blend file of the above tutorial in FCP Pro for rendering, so I can complete the rendering process faster.

    Awaiting responses asap.

  • Manjeet Katariya

    Hey Andrew,
    First of all thank you so much for sharing the unbeatable knowledge on this software. Now as per your above tutorial & the script, I did an experimental but a very impressive (I believe) Logo Animation for one of my clients; who is also impressed by my work. However, the file is not getting rendered, I mean its been 2 days & it has just rendered 14 frames outta 250. Can u or anyone else on this blog can help me out in rendering the file please. As I am a total new comer in this field (editing, animation) / software, I will need a descriptive feedback on HOW TO RENDER THE ANIMATION QUICKLY.

    Your inputs are widely appreciable.

    Best regards

    • MortezaT18

      Tanks For your comment Manjeet!

  • Rafael L. Lopez

    Hi Andrew, great tutorials! I used this logo animation one of yours to help me in parts with my work for the video intro for Fairy Fly Entertainment. Here is how it turned out:

    You do amazing work that is so helpful. Keep it up and thank you!

  • MortezaT18

    Wow…Fantastic!!!!!!! Andrew….

  • James Bird

    WOWSERS!!! I gathered at least 5 awesome crucial new tips with this tutorial.
    Im a year in with Blender now and I feel like you’re right there beside every step of the way. Love you’re work Andrew!!!

  • Faruk Dange

    Your text summaries are a 100% Andrew.. infact, I love em, just keep up the good work please :D.. Your undying fan from Nigeria.

  • nastys

    Hey Andrew, why a checkerboard texture? Here’s my gemstone:

  • Hussain Khalil

    The spot light can go right through the plane.
    Volumetric Lghting is not working.

    • Hussain Khalil

      Dude, put the step up to 4! What kind of a stupid noob are you? I mean really? Were you even listening to Andrew? Fool.

  • Hussain Khalil

    The particles get in the way of the text.

    • Hussain Khalil

      Sooooo? Who cares? Maybe you rendered with not enough samples (which I know you did, cuz I’m you). MORE SAMPLES, FOOL!

  • Fudge

    The text tutorial although very lengthy and with tons of pictures and knowing the fact it must have take forever to produce, simply fails to produce anything close to the image in step 12. So, skip that completely and just watch the video. perhaps it does not skip whatever info in missing in the text version. I am clueless to some steps like why did we unwrap it and make materials when we never even apply those materials ot make textures for the unwrap? My journey ends here at step 12 as I go look for a better text tutorial with all relevant information included. Seems this tutorial is made for a blender master.

  • Hussain Khalil

    When I select the pictures part, it dosn’t select the whole word.

    • William Petry

      I had to press “z” to go into a sort of frame? mode? Then selecting the vertices is easy!

  • Morras

    Awesome job, i am saving money for your nature academy XD!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!

  • Elijah Webb

    Can’t find material in step 6 someone help please?? I’m using blender 2.65

    • Hussain Khalil

      Click the + button.

      • Elijah Webb


  • Evan Jesse

    First I have to say, AMAZING JOB ANDREW! You are my true inspiration, and I feel as if you’ve really helped me along! Keep it up!

  • İsmert

    can’t find the material that mentioned in 6th step.. can anyone help?

  • fergus

    I’m using blender 2.68a. I can’t find render music in the user preferences. can someone help me?

    • Hussain Khalil

      You need to download it. Search it on Google.

  • Shubham Mishra

    search on google : PaidFreeDroid

  • mojtaba

    my jaw just dropped

  • Jobin Mathew

    Awesome tutorial…

  • Andreas Kurz

    Strange – IDMask is giving me strange lines instead of a seperation. Index of the mask is set to 1 as well as is the text’ pass index. So… why is that?Anyone got an idea?

    • Andreas Kurz

      Ok… now that’s odd… allthough I see those lines (stripes) within the backdrop they are gone as soon as I render them… strange thing?!

    • Anmol Rai

      Hi Andreas, after setting the index mask to 1, you need to render the image again before working with it in the compositor. Hope that helps.

      • Andreas Kurz

        Ah yes, I see, thank you very much!

  • Andreas Kurz

    Your question: Is the text summery useful?
    Answer: Absolutely! Yes, yes, oh my god, yes… sometimes it is very good to have a text with pictures, especially when it comes to the node editor. That way you can watch at everything without hesitating.

  • TheBox

    my background is rendering grey in the node editor. how do I make it black like the tutorial?

  • Anubhav Dhawan

    how much time one needs to learn NODE EDITTING…??!! >:<

  • Renato Campos
    • Fudge

      Totally unreadable

  • Half-Nerd

    After messing up with lights a bit I ended up with this.

  • Half-Nerd

    I got past the nodes part but on my first render I’m struggling with light as my text is dark; please help.