Create an Underwater Scene

Discover how to create an amazing underwater scene in Blender!

27 minutes
Blender 2.5
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Rating: 4.6/5 (38 votes cast)

In this tutorial you will discover:

  • The fundamentals of an underwater lighting setup
  • How to create volumetric light rays
  • How to make floating water particles

You may remember a little while back I extended an invitation for new tutors to contribute tutorials to this site. Well I’m very happy to announce the very first guest tutorial!

This week’s tutorial comes from Chris Monson.

The Finished Result

Download the starter file.

Where to from here?

Now that you’ve finished the tutorial it’s time to go out and create something amazing! Not sure where to start? Here’s some inspiration:

About the author

Chris Monson works in everything from graphic and video design to set design for live performances. He started using Blender formally in 2003 and now creates video for his local church, as well as doing freelancing on the side.

See Chris’ portfolio.

So what did you think of the first guest tutorial on Blender Guru? Would you like to see more guest tutors in the future?

Download finished .blend Create an Underwater Scene, 4.6 out of 5 based on 38 ratings

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