Create an Underground Subway Scene – Part 2 of 2

Discover dozens of tips for realistic materials and compositing.

36 minutes
Blender 2.57
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Part 1 | Part 2

In this tutorial you will discover:

  • How to create realistic reflections and materials
  • How to create glowing lights
  • How to add atmospheric fog

Welcome back! Last week we conquered Part 1, which was all about modelling the subway scene, and this week we’re getting into the materials and compositing.

Finished Result

Textures used in this tutorial:

At a Glance

Screenshots from the video:

Further inspiration

Not sure where to go with this tutorial? Check out these links for some inspiration:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! As you can see my finished result includes a signal box, warning signs and little pebbles on the ground. All of these things are optional, but they really help to sell the authenticity of the scene. So go nuts and see what you can come up with!

Download finished .blend Create an Underground Subway Scene – Part 2 of 2, 4.8 out of 5 based on 107 ratings

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User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • Lee S

    Right! So how do I save the composite image?
    When I render from the compositing window, I only get the pre-compositing render.
    Save / save as does nothing special either.

    Any help would be appreciated,

    • Lee S

      Okay, got it. I needed a composite node at the end of the chain.

  • David

    Finally done. Helped me wrap my head around so many concepts i did not understand till now. Thank you

  • Bart K

    As always another great tutorial

    • Lee S

      Great addition of the fence.

  • Neil

    This is the first time I’ve used blender, I’ve watched a lot of your tutorials and also read something on your blog where you mention having tutorial addiction. I figured that was me and thought I better get something built, so here is my tunnel.

    • Lee S

      Very nice!

  • josephfarrar

    OK here’s my subway
    Andrew make all the attributes before you have people put the array and path together because mine was pointing in every direction made to fit in so it was hard to edit things

  • Andrej

    Thanks for this great tutorial

  • Luis Alberto Mariz Plascencia

    the scene is not the same, but the tutorial helped me a lot. in fact all your tutorials are very helpful. thanks

    • josephfarrar

      nice creativity

      • Guest

        hey can u post tutorial

  • fergus

    I made this image. here:

  • fergus

    I remade this scene by myself again using your tips and produced a similar image. here:

  • Interstate

    Hi there Andrew!
    I love your tutorials! When I started with Blender, about 2 or 3 weeks ago, I doesnt have ANY experience with 3D modeling. But with your help I was able to create this Image! (I also try to make a spaceship but I decide to model the Enterprise-D wich is a larger projekt I thought. (Dont now how to make all these little windows – maybe you can give me a little help?)

    In the 90s we listen to Bob Ross and the joy of paint – Now we listen to Andrew Price and the joy of texturing ;)

    • Interstate

      Something is wrong with the picture???… Try to fix it…

  • AJ

    I really enjoyed following this tutorial, and this is the first proper scene I’ve actually taken to completion.
    Thanks Andrew!

  • jtw

    Thanks for this, man! Very easy to follow. Here’s my final render:

    • josephfarrar

      why is yours pixel perfect to the one below

      • jtw

        Because that was me, lol…I forgot I had a DISQUS account and originally posted as a guest.

        • josephfarrar

          thought that might be a possibility
          I gave people a link to your piece and to mine and they couldn’t tell which one was photo when I asked them what is photo what is 3d art
          very nice art work either way

  • Guest

    Finally I completed one of your tutorials all the way through xD Thanks man! Here’s my render

  • Guest

    Finally I completed one of your tutorials all the way through xD Thanks man! Here’s my render:

  • Philip Sta

    Thank you so much for this Tutorial, I downloaded Blender 2 days ago, and didn’t know what to do, but now I have a good start.

    • josephfarrar

      looks like a train is coming

    • Lee S

      I really like the shine on the rails.

  • Jesse

    So i have this problem at the step where you create different render layers. Im pretty sure, along with another post, that it has to do with the “light” layer. Rendered fine until i created different render layers. Everything is the same but when i render, it goes from rendering a block, and then blacking it out. alls im left with are the lights in the final render. Can anyone help please, i have a lot of hours in this tutorial and would LOVE to finish it :D

  • zoso

    Here’s my render…

  • zoso

    Great job on this tutorial… makes me feel like a pro completing it.

  • Ilias

    Andrew…you are fantastic! I never thought I could something like this!

  • Jakub

    Thanks Andrew for this tutorial. It has opened the new horizons for me. And this is my work:

  • Cbastuiter

    Thank you!

    It´s not perfect… but i learn a lot!!

  • blend guy

    what i learned from this totourial .very helpul

  • James

    Thanks for another great tutorial! Here’s my effort:

  • Samm Hi

    This is the third tutorial I’ve completed, and I’m learning alot :D Thanks!
    Here’s what I made :)

  • Miguel Barroso

    Thanks a million. Having a blast learning from you. Here’s my crack at the underground subway

  • fergus

    when I check backdrop, it comes up with a black square but not the image. I can’t fix it. please help!

    • fergus

      sorry fixed it.

  • Miles

    I have a problem were the floor texture only shows the ConcreteLeaking texture no matter what I do, I do exactly the same as Andrew and yet it doesn’t work. I am using blender 2.63.

  • Jim

    When I go to download some of the textures, there are several images that make up the texture. Plus there is one that’s called “image tiled”. And you don’t have the option of getting the same size in that one as you do in the others. May be a retarded question but which one do I use?

  • anonymous

    for some reason, my camera is a square. I cant fix it

    • Matt

      Go to the render tab => dimensions => resolution and change the values to whatever you want.

  • JOE

    i have a problem, when i turn off shadeless in the wall texture. The scene is very dark. How do you solve this?

  • http://x Carlos Ramirez

    Hello Andrew

    I solve this problem

    shift + A > output > composite

    And then, connect the render layer whit the composite node, and now I can make a render.

  • http://x Carlos Ramirez

    Hi! Great tutorial, you are amazing!!!

    After I made the composition, I want to make another render, I can’t. The message is: “No render output node in scene” I hope you can helpme!

    Excuse me my English I just a English student

    Thanks a lot!!!

    greetings from Mexico

    • fergus

      I had this problem too. you need to go shift+A to add new node, output, and open a composite node. You don’t need to connect it up to anything, but it ensures you can get a render. Hope that helps!

  • Patrick

    Damn i folow the instructions step by step but i cannot get depth of field work anyone same?

  • Matt

    Great tutorial! You have really helped me learn how to use blender.

    Here is my version:
    I have one question: see how there is a very sharp edge to the shadow on the roof, how would I get rid of that (without using cycles)?

  • krispy

    I swear you are giving away every secret of the Wow Factor :P

  • Lele

    Thanks! This tutorial helped me a lot! Please make some indoor things like living rooms or a kitchen, I often don’t know how to texture and shade it.

  • Iaknihs

    Thanks a damn lot for the Tutorial!
    When i started i barely knew how to expand a cube, but the results after this tutorial are pretty damn impressive!
    Time to start the next one…

  • Pablo

    Hi! Congratulations, great tutorial.

    I have one question: When I reopen this blender file blender, composition doesn’t work anymore unless I render the scene again….I have tried to use an image input node instead of the scene, but I loose Z value. Can this be done?

    • Erik

      Same here. Would be awesome if anyone could help. My scene took almost 2 hours to render :/

  • Lawrence

    Great tutorial! Just finished. Did the city one last week, loving your structural tutorials! I’m a student (17) studying a Games Development in Plymouth UK, I’m about 9 months into the course and loving blender. More architectural, structure tutorials please ;) I love your work as much as my sexuality stretches, Keep it up!

  • Patrick

    Wow, I just started with blender and it’s amazing what you can dowith free software these days..

    Very good, I’m intimidaded and impressed ;)

  • EC

    If your scene turn black, its cause by the “light” render layer.

  • EC

    Its something to do with the “light” render layer. Don’t know how to fix it yet, but Im sure thats the problem

    • Shams

      Thanks Andrew , I learned allot , one problem , after going through the composting i was not able to render, it starts rendering but i only see 20% of the scene then render screen goes black.

    • Shams

      Thanks Andrew , I learned allot , one problem , after going through the composting i was not able to render, it starts rendering but i only see 20% of the scene then render screen goes black.