Create an Underground Subway Scene – Part 1 of 2

Modifiers are your friend…

42 minutes
Blender 2.57
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Part 1 | Part 2

In this tutorial you will discover:

  • How to quickly model a tunnel and train tracks
  • How to use the array and curve modifier
  • How to use dupliframes to quickly create copies of lamps

From an early age I developed a deepset paranoia of trains. I’m not sure what sparked it, but one day I became terrified that someone would push me off the platform and onto the tracks right before a train arrived. There’s no real logic to this thinking, but it always crops up when waiting at the station. I blame videos like this.

Anyway, for some strange reason I decided to create a tutorial on my exact fear: subways. Yaaaaaay :D

Finished Result

The endless tunnel of grey.

Download the Finished .blend

At a Glance

Screenshots from the video:


Further inspiration

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Create an Underground Subway Scene - Part 1 of 2, 4.8 out of 5 based on 275 ratings

About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • T Man

    I’m having some trouble with this tutorial. Ever time i add the curve modifier to the tube or the plane, they move to the end of the curve path. I have set everything up just like in the tutorial. I’m using Blender 2.69.

  • David

    I keep getting this undesirable effect, after adding both array and curve modifier to both the tube and plane. And per Andrew’s instruction, i stretch the path’s thing out to match the length of the tunnel. When moving to add a curve to the tunnel it warps and bends to form a strange product that does not match the video. Is there something not turned on or off?

    • David

      Never mind

  • Lee S

    The modeled lamp covers created are not following the path. It’s very strange. The attached image is what I have. The modeled lamp covers form the same shape as the path, just not on it. Rotate only turns the covers about their ends, so I can’t do anything with them.

    Any ideas about that?


    • David

      I just ran into the same issue

      • Lee S

        Hello David,

        I just clicked a load of buttons, and something worked.

    • David

      I found you can still use the array modifier and line up your first model with your lamp, and manually set the relative offset mine was on the X axis, i used the curve modifier as well and found the perfect number to line up the modeled lamps with the actual lamp

  • Lee S

    It has been a good video, but many things are not explained as Andrew clicks so fast from one thing to another. It took me a very long time to work through it. Saying that. I have been able to eventually work out what to do.

    Maybe I just put myself at the deep end.

  • Rui Pereira

    Wicked tutorial !

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  • Taba82

    Lovely Turtorial, nice to see a lot of technics used! :)

  • Maks

    Can u help me ? I have a little problem here , i model the lamps and i place them on the position but then when i add the mirror modifier they are rotated , and i cant either rotate them or place them on the right place , i have already tried adding rotation, scale and location , and i also tried changing the origin point , please help me.. what am i doing wrong ?

    • Maks

      Here’s a pic

  • Karan

    Hi, I’m just starting to learn blender and I came across this tutorial so I thought I would try my hand at it. However, I’m still stuck at the part where you use the array and the curve modifier for the tunnel and the rail tracks. My tunnel becomes oddly deformed and the bolts and the support that you added comes slanted for me.
    Can you please help out.

    • Karan

      I just downloaded Blender 2.57 and the same procedure worked perfectly on it. So, the problem’s solved. Just out of curiosity, how would we work out the same thing on Blender 2.69?

      • Enrico Gonzales

        I am using blender 2.69, no preblem here

      • vandelay

        Hi there, I don’t know if we are talking about the exact same issue
        here, but it also happened to me that the curve modifier would deform my
        tunnel in (very) odd ways.

        I had quite a hard time figuring out why,
        but it seems that I had to hit “CTRL” + “A” after scaling the curve in
        edit mode (having scaled it myself along the Y axis, probably that was the
        problem). I used blender 2.69. This worked for me, hope it helps anyone having similar difficulties.

        (and by the way, thank you Andrew for your tutorials, they really make the difference.)

  • Akhil

    ctrl + a is not working in blender 2.69

    • Enrico Gonzales

      CTRL-A is working under 2.69, but just remeber to be in Object mode for that to work.

  • Dorado

    Why when I am trying to do “folow path” on my light, it’s direction moves to center of path?

    • dorado

      Why does it happening ?

  • Aaron Shane Ammons

    in object mode select the nurbs path. Press tab to go into edit mode, then press G to grab the path, and the Y to move it along the Y Axis. Point the last point on the nurbs path on the origin point (helps to zoom in) then press tab to go back in the object mode, ans s to scale.