Create an Eye Catching Energy Drink Advertisement

Discover how to create a trendy energy drink advertisement using Blender and Gimp.

35 minutes
Blender 2.56, Gimp
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In this tutorial you will discover:

  • How to model a can
  • How to quickly add water droplets to the outside of any object
  • How to composite fire and reflections using Gimp

I was hanging out with some friends over the weekend when one of them decided to buy 2 large energy drinks. It was 8 ‘oclock at night and he drank them both. With the combined strength of roughly 5 coffees, sleeping seemed like a distant thought.

But it demonstrated a point: Energy drink companies are the kings of marketing. Sexy, flashy posters are everywhere, grabbing your attention and daring you to give in to what [you think] your body needs more of: energy.

So I decided to take the energy drink concept and see if I could replicate it in Blender.

Finished Result

Click for wallpaper size

Tutorial Files

At a Glance

Screenshots from the video:

Further Inspiration

Not sure where to take this tutorial? Here’s some inspiration:

Know of any other great energy drink advertisements? Post them in the comments below!

Download finished .blend Create an Eye Catching Energy Drink Advertisement, 4.9 out of 5 based on 57 ratings

About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • Jupi Shinn

    Tutorial is great. Thanks!
    Here is my version. :)

  • shachar harshuv

    my image (all in blender)

  • shachar harshuv

    why use GIMP when you can make all of this with blender?

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  • GrubyJamnik

    Just work of beginner.

  • DTC4U


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    Forget those big name brands that offer nothing more than a sugar rush and a hard-core crash. #DitchTheCan™ ENERGY humbly boasts a mighty boost with 70% fewer calories and 80% less sugar.

    Drink it at home or take it to go. Whatever you do, beware: DTC is NOT responsible for the world domination or superhero feats you accomplish.

    Are you ready to rethink your drink? It’s time to #DitchTheCan™!
    So order yours TODAY @

  • Hamidah

    I’m stil basic…

  • tsukasa

    Im having issues with the render you say to select the RGBA and save the image in a png file but i still get the BG with the image if i use “shading>set to transparent” i get the BG Transparent but it also cut some drops, i also try “scene>uncheck sky” same result cut drops, how i can get the BG transparent image, im using blender 2.69, and tyvm for the tutorial

    • Guest

      In Render > Shading change alpha from Sky to Transparent.

    • Guest

      In Render > Shading change alpha from Sky to Transparent.

  • blender dz

    Rave service program Blender to Jbatu runs Jam

  • Brianor

    Great Tutorial. I have set the diffuse intensity to 0.2 and Normal to 0.4 which gives an extra cold effect to the condensation texture…. Looks cool

  • ScottyMcLean

    ICE BURNERS (a fake drink advertised for Elsword Online. This would be for the North American version of the game but just for Andrew, we can pretend it’s the original Korean version)

    Cheers! After a long night of PVP recharge with ICEBURNERS!

    – Created by ScottyMcLean 17, from Toronto Canada.

  • Samm Hi

    Iron Maiden’s beer “Trooper”

  • TheNAkos
  • TheNAkos
  • TheNAkos
  • TheNAkos
  • TheNAkos
  • TheNAkos
  • TheNAkos
  • TheNAkos
  • Jacco van Leeuwen

    Really like this tutorial. Here’s my try.

  • Mohamed Hedyia

    wow really you are great :)

  • Kersh

    Hi, Im basically a novice to blender but been doing most of your tutorials but for some reason my water droplets are sideways instead of running down the can. Do you know why this is please?? Thanks

    • K4g3

      I found a fix by clicking the can, going to the ‘particles’ tab, and under ‘rotation’ I changed ‘Initial Orientation’ to ‘Global Y’. Fixed the problem for me

  • dartesco

    and now with focal blur

  • dartesco

    Hi, Congratulations for the great tutorial, my result:

  • jovy

    i can’t stop laughing while following this one, applying hair emitter to the droplets hahahahaha, amazing tutorial, I’m having a lot of fun following all your tutorials.

  • NebbyGT
  • Niklas Blume

    Thanks for this tutorial. This is my work!!!

  • youssef

    thanks andrew its an amazing tutorial

  • Denis

    A very good tutorial it was easy to follow. :) Here is my result. I made a little clip.

  • abe

    very good tutorial, like all your tutorials – thanks a lot for your efforts :) I’m pretty new to blender and I start to love it … well, thats my final version :)

  • calvin

    nvm make sure you have both droplets selected as the same material for some reason mine wast letting me link the materials for the droplets

  • calvin

    i cannot get the droplet to become transparent on the can it just show the slugs and ive enabled recieve transparent HELP!!

  • Alvi

    HI, this is Amazing. I’m not a designer but i would like to pay someone to have our own custom design made. Can Anyone help ? Email me please on

  • Sebastian

    Re the texture of the can: How do I know what resolution/size I have to chose for the gimp file?

  • abidán

    Thanks! I like it…i can learn very much with this videotutorial. :)

  • jose guizar
  • DH

    Hello Andrew, I like your Tuotrials, but heres one problem, where to download the reference image ? Please :) Thanks for the tutorial :)

  • Motty

    Thanks for another great tutorial.
    For some reason the droplets are coming out black.
    Can someone please help me?