Create a Spaceship – Part 2 of 2

Discover how to add materials, light and composite, to create a dazzling spaceship scene.

1 hour 23 minutes
Blender 2.62
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In this tutorial you will discover:

  • How to create a metallic paint material
  • How to UV unwrap the spaceship
  • How to create an afterburner

Grab yourself a cup of coffee coz this tutorial is one of my longest yet.

We go through a range of different topics including, material nodes, uv unwrapping, lighting, material passes and some very complex compositing. This tutorial is for Advanced users who want to learn how to take a finished model, and put it in a polished scene.

Oh and if you finish this tutorial, give yourself a pat on the back. It’s a long one ;)

Final Result

Download the starting .blend  Download the finished .blend

Starfield Image Background (click Download Fullsize on right)

Credit for the metallic paint material goes to “monsterdog”: Link to BlenderArtists thread

At a Glance

Screenshots from the tutorial:

Further Inspiration

Not sure where to go with this tutorial? Check out the links below for some more spaceship inspiration:

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! I look forward to seeing a lot more concept spaceships from the blender community ;)

Post your finished results in the comments below!

Create a Spaceship - Part 2 of 2, 4.7 out of 5 based on 81 ratings

About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • josephfarrar

    one thing that keeps bugging me Andrew is you don’t get slip streams in space

    • Joshua Reynolds

      True. Neither is there sound or fire in space – yet Star Wars has both and is arguably the best known sci-fi story world wide.

  • Joshua Reynolds

    My final result attached below. Please comment! I’ve been working with blender intensely for the past several months, and used it off and on for the past year. The modeling could have been slightly better on this one, but how about the compositing? I had to spend a lllooonnnggg time figuring out an error I had made. . .There was one connecting that I had snipped, and it took me about half an hour to find out it shouldn’t have been snipped. *facepalm*.

    • josephfarrar

      too much glare ON THE GLOW LINES
      edit that and it should be great

      • Joshua Reynolds

        Excellent. Thanks!

  • josephfarrar

    no planet but hard work paid off

    • Joshua Reynolds

      BTW, Great ship!

  • josephfarrar

    ok its not seperating any of it when I render and itis putting everything on every layer

  • Paco El Cuban

    here’s my finished result guys.
    I never want to composite again.

  • Shieldwolf

    Here’s my try for the very first time. Am not really an artist. Also it may need more work but wanted to show. Curious to what you think.


    I made the dumb mistake of connecting ‘image’ to the ‘ID Value’ and couldn’t see the glow lines.Did a tactical facepalm when I realized it.

  • Frank Salinas

    Thanks for this tut Andrew. I was wondering how you were able to get the ships material colors to show up in the exported U.V. map.

  • cep

    OH MY GOD…(You is the best mother f….. in Blender)….YOU REALLY IS MY GOD

  • Gosia

    :) I created another spaceship :D

  • Danel

    battle with nodes :)

  • Jo

    A little more work done on it… :)

  • Jo

    And yet more….

  • Jo

    And more

  • Jo

    more of the same spacehip

  • Jo

    And the spaceship that is shown in the image below…

  • Jo

    Having fun, taken the interior/exterior tutorials and creating the entire world! Still in development but what do you think?

    • Jo

      4 weeks on blender.. forgot to say that… may excuse some of the mess ups… :)

  • tmanrules97

    The possible afterburner bug mention at about 39:40 – I don’t think it is a bug. The “UV Texture Coordinate” node is giving a vector value for the the X and Y coordinates from the UV Map. Putting this vector into a single value input, like the “Color Ramp” Factor causes the single value to vary with the X and Y values of the vector. This causes the 45 degree angle problem. Using a “Separate RGB” Node instead of the “Mapping” node can separate the vector values and is more simple. The “R” output would correspond to the X value, what Andrew wanted. The “G” output would correspond to the Y value. The “B” value, 0, is the nonexistent Z value for the 2D vector. Hope this helps!

  • Nillzie


    • Jo

      Nice … :)

  • Nillzie

    oops wrong render lol

  • Nillzie

    my attempt day 4 of using blender

  • Oleg

    Andrew, thanx for a lesson. But i have a problem, – when i do rendering, i got many color points.

  • E-manuele Vanishing

    Please help me!! My material window is different, why???

    • Viktor:)

      You might need to turn on cycles render from the drop-down menu at the top :)

  • benjamin

    hi there Anderw ! I would like to ask you where to find this Index MA because I use the 2.65 version of blender and it doesn’t show up in the Render Layer . Can I move on without this and if not what should i do ?

  • monoo mankar

    hmm… can you please mention from where you got your brain… I have to order one more…. :P Nice and looks so real.

  • JezuzStardust

    Great tutorial!
    I think you make a small mistake when when you composite the lights. You miss one step compared to the glowing lines. You do not actually work with the real color of the lights, but instead you use the output from from ID mask and add the blur to that.

    However, since the lights are white it probably does not matter that much.

    Thanks for the great tutorial!

  • Daniel

    Thx Andrew – very nice tutorial! This was my first work in blender! Build a Spaceship … but not like yours

  • ec charlton

    Great tut, but has anyone rendered it in 2.64a? I try to render the finished blend file in 2.54a and I get a ugly violet tinted ship that does NOT show up in the saved image. I render it in 2.63 mand it comes out perfect, and the image saved perfectly. Is there an issue with 2.64/64a?

  • Shazzad

    Hi Andrew, love your work. Plz give us a way to convert BL-rendered file into Cycles.

  • Maurice

    Thanks Andrew!!

    This was my first try!! please look at it!!

    gr. Maurice

  • Blanco111

    Hey, what happened to all the comments?  Here’s mine.  I did what I could as well as I could.  Even a beginner can get something out of this tutorial.

  • Albert
  • Albert

    Hello! This is my result

  • Richard

    How do you create the neon looking blue lights without the note editor? I now have my ship.

  • Tay Chee Ying

    Can you please make a tutorial on how to model and render a car in cycles.

  • des

    Hey guys, I am totally new at this. I was just wondering if there is a way to convert a blender file with a 3d model to photoshop or not?

    • Richard

      I doubt it.

  • Dr. Caballo
  • mustiphy

    Hello guys,
    could we do like these techniques in Blender ???

    here is the lien.

  • peter

    hi andrew,

    just to leave a short message:

    you´re the devil…

    greet´s from germany.

  • squibblejack

    thank you very kindly for
    inspiring and helping me
    create my ship. Here are
    one of my results, i am still creating
    some different renders like mid air
    fueling etc.

  • jack

    hello everyone first post long time fan just got to say i have been following your tutorials almost since the begining anyways this my first upload. and andrew your tutorials have helped me immmeasurably keep up the great work. you truly are helping the world of modeling and blending become a great community.

  • Valery

    Andrew, thanks for the cool tutorial, just one thing! You mentioned about blogspot and pictures you was looking befor create tutorial. Can you show as how you search for them? Thank you

  • Jonah

    At 19:25 in your video, you go from UV/Image editor into a map of the ship. I cannot figure out how to do that. Can you help?

  • CroHack97

    this is my blender PLane Game !!! Trailer ! Please Check and friendly likes and comments :D