Create a Shiny Logo Animation

Discover how to turn a boring logo into a shiny work of art :)

27 minutes
Blender 2.5
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About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • imonster

    Can you do a tutorial for an intro where you have a circle pass a name? Like the camera’s view is the circle and it goes along the name then zooms out? That’d be awesome!

  • rbaleksandar

    Hi! What an amazing tutorial. I am doing computer graphics class now and we have a task to animate a logo (professor picked up a set of logos and told us to pick one of those). We were told to use the internet and the variety of tutorials to do this thing. So far this tutorial provided me with the first very important step – how to create a 3D version of the logo of my choice. The extursion took a while to get it right properly. By the way a word of caution – if you apply subdivision surface filter with the Catmull-Clark setting turned on and you have too few faces, you will get a really bad result. I have a trapezoid in my logo and it turned into a octagon or something – totally not what I was looking for. The Catmull-Clark is for creating rounded surfaces (as intended in this tutorial).

  • abrahman

    i like ur tutorial

  • Marcus Øien

    what`s the name of your font?

    • Khiam Mincey

      Um, I don’t really think you can actually find the font online. :/

  • Emil

    Hi I got a problem!
    When i render my Logo after setting the mirror in the “ground” i get a mist of white dots on the mirror.
    Whats wrong?

  • Cbastuiter

    you are amazing from spain big Applause!! hats off

  • alex3danimation

    Thank you very much “How to Create a Shiny Logo Animation using Blender” video tutorial! Thank you very much for Andrews Price ( ! I created shiny logo animation.

  • Jay

    Hi, I am just browsing through the tutorials…
    Is there a reason for not using curves to trace the logo? It would seem to me more straight-forward than creating meshes with modifiers.

  • Dee

    How do you combine all the letters …. or group them all??

    • Dany

      If you added all separated in object mode you just select them all and press CTRL+J to join them in one object.

  • Franky

    Whats a free lancer?

  • Greg


    Thanks you very much for this (and other) tutorials. I have a friend/client who is recording music videos and I’m incorporating 3-d animation into the vids. He loved the 3-d logo I created based upon your tutorial.

  • Nishant

    Really useful…A text explanation alongside would be great…It’s hard to keep up with everything that is said you know…But the explanation was great.

  • paulina

    Hello! I just wanna to thank you for your work- your tutorials. I’m a beginner in blender and your tutorials helped me to have a great results almost in the hour from start. You have done a great job. Thank you again. paulina.

    • Sean

      i wanna logo

  • Fajrul Falah TV

    Nice… Complete… :D

  • Ferboturbo

    Great tutorial but I ‘ve got a problem.
    (click on link for screencapture)
    I don’t know whats the problem.. Why is it not fully rendered?



  • Blender Alpha

    oh yeah one thing i forgot to mention could you also show how to do the robots rig and show how to animate it and make it move like a robot say off of transformers.
    just wondering thank you :p

  • Blender Alpha

    great tutorial, i was wandering could you make a tutorial of a robot (like the winner of the future contest) thank you and happy blendering :p

  • Giel

    please help,

    My mirror effect, is not good working.

    Here is the file.


  • Haley

    Thanks for your great idea here Andrew. I just found another way, that will save you hours of tracing and more time for other things.
    Someone on youtube said he wanted to import Chinese Characters. So first he typed the text, click the button in inkscape to save as SVG (scaleable vector graphic) and instantly imports into BLENDER as a mesh that can be extruded. I tried in Fireworks also, click convert to paths than UNGROUP. Or use FLASH trace bitmap! Just saved me hours. Thanks!

  • Haley

    I wonder if there’s a button one could press so you wouldn’t have to trace each letter? Can you simple use convert to vertices button somewhere?

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  • Sven Segers

    I really like this tutorial and I have been trying to make my one logo. But I am stuck.
    Is there any chance that there is a written tutorial about this?
    That in combination with this video would solve my problems.

  • Michael Fisher

    Is it possible to do this with a text object with extrusion and bevels. when I try it I’m only getting a solid white reflection with no depth.

  • sattu94

    Here’s my attempt at the stuff done in this tutorial –>

  • Ibrahim

    i think I’m jealous ?!

  • Joe

    A car exploding? It’ll make my life :D

  • elisabeth
  • ward

    @florade: you have to activate ortho view.

  • florade

    i tried to do it but i cant open my logo to the background, or at least i cant see it.

    is it because its in .jpg file ???
    if not why??