Create a Photorealistic Fruit Splash

Discover how to use Blender’s fluid simulator to create a popular high speed photography shot.

49 minutes
Blender 2.63.11
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Rating: 4.8/5 (161 votes cast)

In this tutorial you will discover:

  • How to model and texture an orange
  • An introduction to the Fluid Simulation
  • How to fake bubbles using particles

Depending on how much patience you have, the fluid simulator can be a rewarding experience or flat out disappointing. The truth is, no matter how experienced you are, there’s always bit of a guess work that goes into using any sort of simulator. Usually the only way to achieve the perfect look is by trying hundreds of bakes until you finally get something that works.

So over the last week I’ve been continuously plodding away at different settings for the fluid simulator. In fact a few nights ago I excused myself from my group of friends to check on the progress of another simulation bake. “Wow you must work really hard!” said one of my friends. “Nope. I just do a lot of waiting.” I replied. And wait you shall. It really is the key to simulations.

Hopefully this tutorial bridges that gap and saves you hours of experimentation time.

Finished Result

1920x1080 - 3000 samples - CPU Rendertime: 7 hours

1920x1080 - 3000 samples - CPU Rendertime: 7 hours


Download the Starter File

Further Inspiration

Not sure where to take this tutorial? Check out the links below for some more splash inspiration:

In other news…

I’m looking for two artists to join the Blender Guru team. Think you’ve got what it takes?

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you create something cool, please post it in the comments below :)

Create a Photorealistic Fruit Splash, 4.8 out of 5 based on 161 ratings

About Andrew Price

User of Blender for 9+ years. I've written tutorials for 3d World Magazine and spoken at three Blender conferences. My goal is to help artists get employed in the industry by making training accessible and easy to understand. I'm an Aussie and I live in South Korea ;)
  • Roman Chumak
  • Colin Leet

    Made this last year, and thought it was about time to finally share the results. Thanks for the fantastic tutorial!

  • Guest

    Made this last year, thanks for the great tutorial!

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  • Maarten Peels

    A jolly good result with olives instead of a lemon sliced. Note that small objects can only be dropped a little bit or they won’t have that sort of aero contact with the surface of the water.

  • Stefan Velickovic
  • Vin Breau

    I’m stuck at the point where you assign the outer box as the Domain. The resulting polys appear beneath the box instead of within it. Any advice on why this is? Image example:

  • Dom

    I can’t get the orange bump mapping to work, i even downloaded the start file, but the bump mapping will not appear to me.

    • mikegem

      Same problem. I’m using ver. 6.9

  • Phuoc Can HUA
  • Inaam

    Sorry, in my previous post, material of water was not correct for blender internal render. Here is with correct water material (using internal render)

  • Inaam

    Thanks Andrew for such a nice tutorial

    I rendered it with cycles (500 samples), it took 1 hour to render but result was not good. It has so many black dots (noise)

    Then I tried Internal render. In just 1 second, I got very nice image as you can see comparison below.

    Could you please tell what I am doing wrong with cycles (I used mesh lights in cycles)


  • Farid

    Gr8 Tutorial , tnx alot and this is my result from tutorial
    2000 samples and render time 1.5 h by CPU

  • konrad

    It’s cool, but rendering this with CPU is a nightmare :/

  • Russell Craig

    Another great tutorial, had fun making this (only 400 samples, I’m impatient =P)! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Jakub

    Hey. I couldn’t find my lime so I had used something similar… after all, I had a very messy scene ;) Anyway, Andrew your tutorials are amazing. I’m doing one by one – most of my skills I owe to you :) Thanks!

    • Betaman156

      It all fits together so well!

  • Mark Watkins

    Love the tutorials. Nice pace and style and covers about everything. Here’s a sample of how I used the fruit splash tutorial. I couldn’t get the sides of the water smooth, so I did a boolean cut and just used the sides of the glass.

  • Kai Zeminske

    I have a problem with the material. I did it step by step to 5:58, but in blender version 2.65 it doesn’t work. The material won’t become the structure effect. :(
    What’s wrong?

  • Eridiana

    Thank you very much for this tutorial!
    This is my result:

    • toni albiol

      your creation is great

    • alexred5

      Dude! This is amazing! The berrys looks awesome.

    • Maarten Peels

      How did you do the berries?

  • Nabsta

    I love your tutorials. You definitely make the best Blender Tutorials I have seen and you are definitely helping sell Blender as a preferred app for 3D work. Thanks!

  • Oscar

    That tutorial isn’t valid with blender 2.64a, right?

    Domain Bake doesn’t work ok.

    Anybody can help me with that?plese

    • Gu

      I’ve had the same problem!

  • Michel Cavro

    Thanks Andrew! Perfect as usual.
    I wanted to do this knid of scene for a work a did a few year back, didn’t have really the technique to do so.
    Here it is then:
    This is “Blue Tsunami” from the “UTOPIANS’ ALLIANCE” a super hero group.
    Since it is a bigger size object, I added a few effects go give a more dramatic feeling to the scene.

  • reenukamal

    Its amazing tutorial. We shared on our website which is a index of tutorials. I have a problem in water reflection which is too bright . Can any body help me in settings

  • Khalid

    Hi Andrew here is my Result. I just gave it a render with 70 Samples, because my Computer need a lot of time to render stuff with the Cycles Render Engine.

    I hope you will make more amazing tutorials like this.

    Khalid L.

  • Wills

    Can someone help? I’m just a beginner in blender and i hope i’ll reach someway even with alot of discouragement within. i saw this medium and decided to get involved. like i said im just in the basics. well if here is not right for me, pls help with a link. for more info, i can be reached with thanks.

  • Burner

    Hi Andrew, I really enjoy your tutorials, keep the great work, just a question: When I hit the Bake button in order to begin to bake the fluid it doesn’t seem that something happening, I mean there is no progress bar or some countdown, where can I see the progress of the baking?, where the image is saved?, I see close to the tutorial and after you press the button no progress bar whatsoever pops ups neither. Hope anyone can give me a hint on this one.


    • Burner

      I found this info at the top menu, sorry my bad. Greetings.

  • WindyBut

    Well I finally followed this tutorial but instead of using fruit I used a tricycle I create previously. Here’s the image:-

    As you can see I did not apply any particles to the model. I also have a weird issue while creating this image. If I try to scale up the tricycle that works fine but as soon as I hit F12 the model moves lower down and it then renders out of position. So I have no clue why it’s doing that.

    Thank you again for another great tutorial ;)

  • NewArt2000

    Finally gave it shot nothing fancy 500 samples I think it turned out decent. Thanks Andrew keep the great tutorials coming .

  • ritesh87

    nice tutorial andrew…great…!

  • Lars

    Thx Andrew for all your tutorials. They helped me a lot getting better with blender.

    I decided to make my own fruit and came up with an apple.
    The material is completely done with the blender internal textures.

    And here the final result.

    Fluid resolution: 200
    3000 Samples
    Rendertime GPU: 37 min
    GeForce GTX 560

  • Rajat

    I am getting my fruits , very noisy , or sharp . Any suggestions ?

    • Wwza7

      On upper panel you can have Cycles Render. Change that to Blender Render.

    • Robert

      With Cycles, you can go to “Render” (the camera icon) on the properties panel, expand “Integrator” and from there, you can set the render samples to a higher number. For help getting Cycles to work, you can go to Oliver Villar’s tutorial:

  • OGR
  • http://BlenderGuru bob

    it is impossible for people who don’t have sound

  • anonymous

    I cant find the surface material area!

  • NewArt2000

    Great tutorial, I,m a Blender Newbie. I tried it with a little spin instead of dropping fruit into the fluid I used a Makehuman model with a swim animation and rendered it in blender internal. I wonder How long a 40 second animation would take in cycles. Mine doesn’t compare the great work of all you

  • farzad mir

    Hi Andrew
    I have a little question !!! (believe it \ I many search it …)
    How to unchecked layer in the render section ? :)
    thank you

  • TheGuy

    That took 5 hours to render! Wow!

  • Frank

    A little bit Offtopic.

    Here is my try:

  • Henry Pang

    Hi Andrew, if you are interested, this is a CFD simulation of a car/caravan combination conducted using an open source CFD solver (OpenFOAM) and rendered in Blender 2.63 that I recently made.

    The movie contains approximately 600 frames and shows approximately 2 seconds worth of flow data. These 2 seconds took over more than 8000 core-hours to calculate.

    Hope you like it!


  • Abel
    • Jeremy Deighan

      I love this! You should consider adding some ice in the water too, since heineken is always portrayed as very cold! Andrew did a great tutorial on ice in both his realistic water simulation and ice ice baby render.

    • Rich Rabassa

      That’s Brilliant!


  • alatif

    anyone else having a problem where the reflections on the water are too bright? like they’re pure white. Dimming down the lights doesnt help. All that does is lower the brightness of the non-white reflections but the pure white always stays. Any ideas?

  • Bronson

    Sorry, I’m new at this, but when I projected the inside of the lemon on, the rest of it turned grey and I cant figure out a way to make the rest of it yellow.
    Please Help.

  • akdbman

    I’m have some issues with mine even after going through the tutorial multiple times. The fruit seem darkened out and obscured even when I have the fluid box on an unrendered level and the fruit scaled up slightly. I’ve even changed the IOR of the fluid up and down. It’s like they are still covered in a dark liquid layer. Anyone got any ideas what I may be missing?

    • akdbman

      In case someone has the same problem, I stumbled upon the cause while experimenting with the various settings. “Full Global Illumination” needs to be selected in the camera/render panel. My fruit renders just fine now.

  • Topper Dillon
    • reenukamal

      your renders are good. very close to andrew

  • sticker

    That looks like a compound of oil and water, Great!

  • stuart.t

    Here is my attempt using lux render, unfortunately couldn’t spend too much time getting the materials correct.

  • Even

    Hey Andrew Price have you ever met Andrew Kramer from Video Copilot ?!?!?!?

  • Angel

    Hi Andrew,

    can you help me?

    Check what is doing blender while rendering. Also when i’m not using enviromnent lightning the point lamp is not giving the light.
    With enviro light:


    Please help me!

    • RandomUsername

      I’m sorry, this is offtopic, but i need help! This tutorial has inspired me to mkae some water simulations, and i’m trying to make 3 drops fall inside a tall, thin water tank. To make the tank, i’ve duplicated the domain and thickened it, but when i use the glass material it just turns out really dark – i’ve got proper lighting, and i’ve added lamps from most angles while trying to fix my problem – and non-transparent. Just kinda like a dark-grey gloss, mixed with a transparent material at .1 (or even .05) fac value. (i’m usign cycles.) Any ideas?

      PS: also, although the domain and insede faces of the tank match closely at frame 0 (before the sim), when i cycle through the frames and if i look at the frame when it’s splashing at the bottom, it actually looks as though the domain was much thinner, and there are big open spaces between the tank and the sides if the splash. Very wierd, I suppose there isn’t any “margin” between the domain and the liquid that would cause this effect? At least I know no setting to set the margin. Any ideas?

      PPS: I’m using blender 2.61.

      PPPS: Thank you for any suggestions.

  • Jeremy Deighan